The Order might actually be a conspiracy of up to eighteen different factions... (Aesir's Influence Part 2)

Not even baiting man I’m just tryna make a theory here leave me alone

Which is invalid, because for some ridiculous reason Syk took “Ravenna” as exclusively refering to the people residing within the territory of the Ravenna Realm, when in the context was referring to Ravenna in the political sense.

This argument is the same as saying “but the people and the army are different…” when someone says “America wants (insert good)”. It does not take much thought an use of brain to understand the usage of “America” is referring to the government, which was also the point made by me and several others above.

Some of yall really need to take an English lesson before coming to argue :sob:

When using “Ravenna” in the political sense, (as seen by above) the usage of “The Bronze Legion” and “Ravenna” are interchangeable, because the Bronze Legion is not only the Military and Navy of the Nation, but also from what we’ve seen is the system of policing and prisons. The Bronze Legion cannot be separated from “Ravenna” because they are the same thing, unless you are speaking of the island of Ravenna and its populace, which is not what anyone was speaking about.

tldr: Bronze Legion = Ravenna Realm, which is the government of Ravenna, and the usage of both is interchangeable.

It’s miscommunication, dude. That’s what I’m seeing here. If someone isn’t getting it then don’t insult them - elaborate. which you kind of already did with this reply

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