The problem with Diving Points

Diving points are here, and I hate them. Why? THE STAMINA DRAIN. You can’t spend ten seconds underwater without your stamina completely draining. I hate having to constantly rest on the sea floor. This stamina drain makes diving points absolutely painful to deal with, or am I just missing something?

This problem isn’t too bad for the smaller ones, but it makes the bigger diving points absolutely strenuous.


I’ve always hated the stamina drain underwater yes ik it’s supposed to make you use boats but damn

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Vetex should reduce the stamina drain of swimming only at diving points, to prevent people from abandoning ships in favor of literally just swimming to islands.


If you stop running, your stamina stops draining underwater irc. I think it only drains if you’re running or swimming upwards.

Still, movement underwater is really slow. It’s going to be a pain to find 10+ chests with such sluggish movement, and with stamina drain if you decide to go faster.

It is slow as hell, yeah. I’ve been trying to reduce the pain with stamina food personally. Kinda helps? It’s not huge but like.

Only problem I see with diving points are sharks, I can beat normal ones but not a fucking megalodon like wtf

stamina potion when???

sounds like a skill issue



Can we ban this guy


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Reasonability : :star::star::star::star::star:

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just dont sprint all the time then

skill issue


diving spots are fine from my experiences of hunting them so far

the only ‘problem’ with diving spots is the sharks swarming you or accidentally drowning yourself

for the stamina part of the diving spots it’s an afterthought, just learn how to dive/swim ;-;

bring food and potions as well assuming you all saved them all

me personally i equip agility set and get invigorating 4

me, personally, just kill the sharks

I’m trying SO hard to kill the sharks but no matter how long I wait at the Net Launcher they don’t come up more than once. also there’s like six down there and i’ve already killed four

also they are clipping through my ship to attack me while I’m stationed at the turret

also I still can’t aim fighting style skills underwater.

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i just go into the water and beat them up with my dagger

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i swear to god there’s still like four left