The Return of Vetex Vortex Vertex (you fools, bring EVERYONE! and it looks like your ace is nothing but a cat- VVV)

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This is part of the edited title of the VVV Arc Page. Someone edited it (not me :fr:), most likely VVV himself, presumably warning of Vetex Vortex Vertex’s return.

Upon asking Bomba of the date of VVV’s return.

Vetex Vortex Vertex will be back on April 1st. Wait, that’s April Fools… Well, Bomba didn’t specify the day, but we need to recognize his return and be ready… He’ll be stronger this time.

With a recent poll, we figured out the only people who can defeat him are WAX and Vincent Morris.

Power as follows:

Weakest: Dancing Eggdog
Stronger: Drip Man.
Yet Stronger: Creation
Almost the strongest/tie: Vetex Vortex Vertex, Vincent Morris
Strongest: WAX and Chaos, first unknown. (Chaos is not as strong as WAX.)

If we can manage to scrape these powerful beings together, we could defeat Vetex Vortex Vertex, since he is even stronger than before. We need to search the lands for them before it is too late…

Bomba also said stronger people might disappear, which would be bad. We have to survive.

-With pensive regrets, Fang




Wax does not respond to petty claims about a superstition-fed fake force.

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We must turn to Vincent then.

Wax: responds to reply

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We need WAX, he’s our only hope. We also need to find Vincent Morris quickly.

If anybody sees this guy, he’s Vincent Morris.

Vincent Norris

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We must begin our search for these powerful beings.

oh fuck

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His vortex has gotten Vortexier
His Vetex has gotten Vetexier
His vertex has gotten Vertexier

Bomba Be like this hehe



i have bob auburn
who is canonically the recreation of bob ross
despite his kindness he WILL see this great threat and use weapons to kill vetex vortex vertex
not guns tho only melee weapons or magic weapons

But is he stronger than creation?

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bob auburn is the rebirth of bob ross
bob ross created VVV by accident via eating taco bell
along with chaos and creation
bob auburn has already surpassed him spiritually, though it is soon to be discovered if he can harness this

This is info off a parallel universe. Off of my meme lore, VVV was created by me, Rb1, and Chaos. Drip Man was made by @Tobi lol.

WAX doesn’t need to be explained, being as strong as Chaos. He also did an experiment for fun when he got bored of Chaos’s Shenanigans.

In this experiment, he created an entity which is the combination of Chuck Norris, Ultra Instinct Shaggy, and Prometheus. His power is very high, and equal to that of VVV.

In the end, if we can find Bob Auburn in another dimension, he probably couldn’t use his powers but he could help locate the other three. Chaos and Creation will likely not get involved in the ordeal.

Also @Morden get in here

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bob auburn’s powers are spread everywhere
he will personally evolve and becom…
the master of swag
therefore ruling all of reality

He’s going to beat the devil out of it with some help, then.

But first, Dancing Eggdog must teach him how to become more swag, therefore unlocking his true potential.

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also why is this giving me an idea for a massive RP where we try to kill VVV