The ROBLOX Game Tierlist

not all games receive that tier for the same reason. read the tier descriptions here.
Transcendant - The absolute peak of ROBLOX games, with these games being FAR past their time. While yes, one may not like games on this tier, saying these games are bad is objectively wrong.
Amazing - Very, VERY good game with its own charm and magic. If you think games in amazing or transcendent are the best, I wouldn’t even argue with you since you are right.
Great - VERY good game with a few flaws preventing it from entering amazing tier (JToH, WoM) or just generally a great game (Word Bomb).
Good - Basically great tier but kind of worse.
Okay - Games with several major flaws (KAT, ABA) or they’re eh (ToH, speedrun 4).
Poor - Games with several game plaguing flaws (R2DA, MW:R) or they’re just kinda boring (TDS, YBA).
Bad - Either cashgrabs, really bad games, or just incredibly grindy with little to no actual, raw substance.

also this is an opinion so if there’s a game on here that you really like placed in a low tier, don’t harass me thx


theres like one glitch that breaks the game but its rare af despite it being abandoned in 2016
im tryna max everything out so i can get the badges needed to test monster islands elementals

also it’s ost and sound effects are just


R.I.P Medieval Warfare
Used to be really fun with medieval rpers and stuff
Now its just traders and stabbing people in silence


Field of Battle was one of my first Roblox games so I’m biased which means I would put it in the Great category. Compared to today’s games though, it does look pretty old school but I still like the concept of the game.

I know Adopt Me is one of those games most people on the forums don’t like but that shouldn’t cloud away how Adopt Me has incredible success with player counts, consistent design, and the amount of things coded into the game. For this reason I would have to but Adopt Me in the Good category.

For Whatever Floats Your Boat, I would have to bring it down a level. I personally don’t understand it but I do like the way you can create your boat. I guess this is just because I haven’t played the game as often as Build a Boat For Treasure.

I also agree with your decision on Epic Mining 2 since it is one of my first games as well. I used to play it all the time for a while and I like all the aspects of it doesn’t even get boring unless you play it over and over again(like I did).

A game that I think should be on the list is Roblox High School in the good category. Also if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m biased. I really liked Roblox High School because I really liked the Roleplay element when I was younger. One of the most nostalgic things about the game was the old Animal Crossing soundtrack. I also liked how you could have your own house when school was over and was able to go to different places besides the school. I used to always want to get a Principal role whenever I played too but I would always end up as a Teacher or Freshman. Of course my tats yes have changed now and a game like that wouldn’t interest me much, but the memories are all still there and a lot of people and even Roblox Events were present in that game at the time.

I have more opinions but those are the major ones since that would just make this reply longer than it’s already been.

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i put adopt me in okay tier because yes, while it is well built, take the popularity away and you have another pretty generic roleplay game that looks good
in no way is the game absolute dogshit as many people say, but it definitely isn’t a really good one
considering FOB bump to great

Somebody actually remembers Epic Mining?

yes i do

The developer actually just got out of college a month or two ago and started finally finishing the quarry update.

yes i am aware

i added like
10 more games

omg someone who actually knows the forsaken sword rpg series

fucking loved those games

wheres dungeon shooter and super cube cavern
or robot 64


wdym maybe

maybe will add

My only memory of roblox highschool is climbing up a huge mountain just to jump off the map

tbh roblox highschool wasnt bad at all if you looked past the rpers just trying to have fun

well made, not a lot of cashgrabbing, and some other things. last time i played was like 2 years ago but it was nice

reason why i put RHS in great tier
there were a lot of things u can do, customize house, use gears, dick around

medieval warfare :frcryin:
i hate how the game is now r15 and everything looks so saturated.


loved genociding the nomads though


i was considering MW:R for transcendent, decided nah