The Total World Revamp: A catastrophic event from the lense of an NPC

(1) The Light.

It was an average day in Magius. Nowadays, most players don’t really go out of their way to murder innocent civilians, as long as you don’t leave your town, and as long as you don’t live in the Summer Hold.

However… something horrifying has happened. Something that shook us all through to our souls…

I was a simple traveling Merchant. I sold Wizard clothing, enhancement amulets, and even had a co-business with an Alchemist. We were rich. We owned many properties.

Part of my success was the fact that I was not a weakling. I wielded Wind magic, and I was quite proficient with a sword. It was on this day when I was flirting with the tavern keeper in Ironport that I saw it.

The light.

A crackling noise shook the area.
Is it a player? Is he here to kill us?, I thought. But somehow, it was worse.

“Hello. I am Vetex. You may know me as your “god”, or your “creator”. You would be correct, as I did create… all of you. And everything in this world. I simply bring news to you, however.”, said Vetex, who was floating, and emitting an odd colour of lightning from his body.

Somehow, I didn’t even know how he got here. I asked some people that were around. Most of them said they saw a lightning bolt strike a bird in the air, and he appeared. Others said that they heard a lightning bolt and there he was… Is it true? He must be our creator, right?

Little did I know the horrible news he would bring to us.

“The Total ‘Game’ Revamp,”, Vetex spoke, as he held a note, and read from it.
“This is shall be known as TGR.”

Game? What is he talking about??

“The Total Game Revamp… ah, I suppose I should say, Total ‘World’ Revamp. It is the absolute revamping of everything here. All will be erased… but all will be replaced. I suppose most of you won’t make it alive, however, the good news is you WILL be reincarnated. I will hand your leader the book stating all that will occur in the TWR. Goodbye.”, he said, as lightning struck his body, and he disappeared.

Disappeared… forever.
Disappeared… leaving us to this chaos.
Disappeared… as children cried, as people starting jumping into the river. Fires started. Confused players quickly left, but the most horrific thing of it all…
Some of them were happy. Smiling. Laughing, laughing as people slit their throats and died.

I thought it was over. No, I absolutely knew it was over, when I saw my Alchemist getting tossed into the river. For what? Trying to speak of reason.

But… it was at this moment… our “savior” appeared.
King Cryonical.


I, in lore, can go through parallel realities so I’m considering this canon