The Updated AO and Vetex Iceberg

Updated an entry (Names based on the Inheritance cycle) which itself has been renamed to just simply “Lore Changes”

Also changed that entry’s link.

Three new entries (Falling Boulder Death Message, Speaking Mechanic, and Visiting Port Mistral Early)


Pog, we’re back on the iceberg >:D

ngl death by boulder should be a badge

Added a link to the “Iris at Silverhold” entry.

New entry (Developer Items).

This thread is arguably one of my favorites on the entire site, because I would kill for some meaningless trivia like on icebergs.

The only other contenders AFAIK are theory threads and the CrimsonPants appreciation post.

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Another new entry (Texture Loading Bugs).

I’m very confused on how AO got a console port? I thought Roblox had strict rules for console games (Stuff like no blood) so how did Vetex do it? Did he censor the game?

Maybe that rules got less strict

This is one of the best icebergs of a Roblox game as a whole.

New entry (Vetex Phone Notepad)


Vetex phone notepad

Its a reference to an earlier version of the Dark Sea trello card. Where the Satyr section desc was missing and all it said was “See Vetex Phone Notepad” LOL.

So thats where he writes his ideas when theyre not on the trello :joy:

see vetex phone notepad for further context

Two new entries, one by me (Vetex’s Avatar on the Fenrir) and the other a proposal by someone else (Ray becoming a tester).


Unrelated but

discintergrating emoji

Every day, I feel more pissy towards A.I. bros. If you want it to be visible to everybody, set it to the new option here.

Thanks for informing me about this, set the visibility to everyone.

Generative AI is a mistake and should be completely destroyed.