The Updated AO and Vetex Iceberg

Ah yes
Very funny thing

I know it’s not Shark Week, but I’ve added a new entry about the original shark spawn rate. I really, really love that one video of that poor player being helplessly swarmed and torn to death by a tornado of sharks.

You’re giving me flashbacks

Vetex iceberg entries be like:

“added one new shocking entry: I took a dump yesterday and I discovered that my turd looked surprisingly like general argos of ravenna!?!?!”


Another new entry (Old Chest Types).

Pretty obscure new entry, about a scrapped ship stat (Sail Endurance).

how it should work (if it were to come back)
make it so when a AS defeats a player they get tied up and become a form of cargo
you then gotta deliver them to whitesummit or (syndicate base in nimbus, eventually) and they they get jailed. also they are only tied up for a ceartain ammount of time before they “break free” of the restraints
make it so when you unload players you get a bigger reward…
or you can drop them in the ocean to drown them

Even better because then you can camp them and just sit there waiting for them go get untied only to kill them again

History’s repeatin’ itself. Now there’s cursed General Argos global messages along with the Iris ones.

you see …
yeah no I got no comeback
but they could expire rather quickly.
mabey make it so you have 1 minute from defeating to get them on your ship
or make it like whirlpool escape. but instead of being immune to whirlpool they are immune to PvP

It’s not a problem it’s a benefit

Release Dark sea alanteans not aggroing onto ASS members




Goofy ass drip, but still cool

Nigel thornberry got a little lost it seems :skull:

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Two new entries. (Extremely Bright Frostmill Glitch and AO Wiki Zalgo Incident)

how is the extremely bright frostmill glitch considered rare knowledge when everyone who’s spent more than 10 minutes (nearly everyone doing the story how it’s intended) at frostmill will know about it?
it should definitely be in common knowledge

I kind of put it that low in advance, since the glitch could be fixed soon and, as the years pass, may eventually become long forgotten.

If it’s not fixed anytime soon, I might move it to a higher tier.

One new entry (Vetex’s Old Art).

lots of info.