Theoretical PVP Meta

Here are the rules (As we currently know of planned content, which totally could change):

  • Everyone is level 1k (The presumed maximum)
    • This means that everyone will have 2k stat points to spend
  • There is a maximum tier for all abilities
    • We know this is true, but I’m not quite sure how many points you’ll need to spend. Obviously, this is to prevent people from sending out galaxy-sized slams or explosions. I think the maximum is tier 7, which means you’ll need to spend 700 points on magic to max out on the blast
    • We’ll assume for this purpose that at maximum level, your first magic/fighting style/spirit weapons/weapons are at maximum there, this is not pure-build exclusive (Meaning savants would also max it out)
    • We’ll assume that 2nd magic/fighting style/spirit weapons/weapons wouldn’t be maxed out completely, only for pure builds
    • We’ll assume 3rd magic/fighting style/spirit weapons/weapons would not be maxed out
  • Every build will have max tiers on their stuff, vetex mentioned somewhere that eventually all your magics will be the same tier since having to pick a certain “order” on your stuff is dumb (weapons might be exempt though no confirmation).

All these assumptions are decently safe I think. If anyone else has any suggestions hmu



  • Has 1 lost magic/FS and 1 ancient magic/FS OR 2 lost magic/FS
  • Ancient spells/techniques are exclusive only to pure builds
  • Artisian weapons are exclusive to weapons users
  • Mage can use Arcanium weapons (According to Trello)


  • 1 lost magic/FS OR 1 ancient magic/FS
  • All lost spells/techniques are available for both slots
  • Legendary and rare weapons can be used
  • Can use both of their mixed builds (No duh)
  • Versatile


  • Can use any weapon, including heavy and arcanum
  • Versatile

Vote now! (All of this will be debated)

Best future build?
  • Warden
  • Paladin
  • Juggernaught
  • Knight
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Conjurer
  • Berserker
  • Warlord
  • Warrior
  • Savant

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IMO I think pure builds would be terrible in the future meta
The fact they have 0 verstility + they don’t have much content planned (RIGHT NOW) is bad compared to the amount of content you get from things like mixed or even savant.

This could totaly change. Artisian weapons could totaly open up a whole new world, or ancient spells/teqniques could just be a game-changer. Right now we don’t know, but given the current info I don’t think pure’s are going to eat good

Charred 7= no mobility

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Charred 7? Doesnt charred only give a effect to be comboed off of or am I going crazy

If you mean pretrified, I think I get it but I doubt they’ll increase the stun time

Charred 1 only gives visual effect. When you make gel from 10 volcanic crystals it pretty much stops people from moving for a while. Now imagine each attack gives charred 7

The teirs don’t increase the effect, you don’t get burning 2 from teir 2 spells (We currently are at T3 for pure builds)

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But still slowness is slowness

(I wish vetex didnt delete bursting auras)

I don’t know what you’re on about lol

All spells would give T1 effects, so explosion mages would still only give charred 1 (Basicly no difference)

Guess im dumb. I thought when you were talking about tiers you mean effect tiers

No, we’re talking about ability teirs

This is a good document, read up on it

See, one thing people are forgetting is that shatter mage theoretically could dispel most hybrids attacks due to the maximum possible magic level, however this will sacrifice the damage from other possible ancients, making it almost completely defensive.

Well actualy now that I think about it, savants can use it too so MB

the scary thing is that they can do it right now if they wanted to

Ye but other builds can use shatter magic too, its not unique to mage

If they equip it on their first or second, they’d have the same teirs as mage so it wouldn’t make any difference

In really late game things like lost techniques, spells and legendary weapons will be a big factor in how powerful you are.
Mages, berserkers and warlocks can use at most 24 techniques/spells which could give a lot of options.
Savants can use 16 techniques/spells and 3 weapons
Conjurers, paladins, warlords and juggernauts get 8 techniques/spells and 3 weapons
Warriors, knights and wardens get 3 weapons.
Even though several of the same technique/spell will be used, it gives some classes a lot of options, and with a lot of lost techniques/spells to choose from it will make them pretty powerful


Thats a angle that I havent really thought of

Then again, ancient spells/teqniues are probably not going to be useable on the third magic slot
Thanks for opening my eye to this intresting thought

If we’re going by the old description for shatter, it breaks any abilities of a lower level than it. Ik it won’t be like that when it’s added due to balance but it’s the only information we have gotten on it.

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While I do believe Savant will be the most fun due to the sheer amount of builds or cosplay builds you could do, calling Pure Builds of the future terrible is just dumb.

Not only is there an entire 800 stat points of extra spells, techniques, and pure weapons (wand, tome, artisan, etc.).

But they’ll also be 800 stat points of magics, fighting styles, and weapons (it makes no sense that weapons get different stat reqs but magics/fs are all just one req for each category).

That’s my main argument and the rest below is just corrections.

-Every build will have max tiers on their stuff, vetex mentioned somewhere that eventually all your magics will be the same tier since having to pick a certain “order” on your stuff is dumb (weapons might be exempt though no confirmation).

-Mages will not get arcanium, I mean look at strength weapons and they’re already getting magic weapons

Why? That makes legit no sense especially if the “Ancient stuff only use rare+ spells/techniques” theory comes true