Theory on Spirit Energy

The lore doc has been updated, now including the lore of Chaos and Creation, as well as more lore on Spirit Energy.

I have a theory about how it works for the Gods, and possibly MC, and I think its best for me to make a seperate post about this subject rather than cranking out another essay on some thread.

So Spirit Energy comes from Creation and Magic Energy comes from Chaos. The two had chil- wait wait, let me skip that one.

Spirit Energy is basically the force of life itself, and that humans cant really manipulate this energy, only Gods can. Makes sense, humans didnt start making magic before, it had to be given to them. They were never given the ability to manipulate Spirit Energy.

We know Vitality builds will use your health to attack, pretty much using your soul, your own spirit energy. But I think thats just the tip of the iceberg. We’re using our lifeforce, whats to say we cant use whats around us?

Creation is the force that creates planets and life itself. Meaning that everywhere we look, even in this magic-polluted world, there’s Spirit Energy in literally every single thing.
In the sea, in the sky, the animals, plants.

Remember how each of the Gods have a domain they ruled over? For example, Poseidon with Water, Hades has the Earth, Zeus had the Sky.

And here’s a little thing Tech revealed back in 2020 about the New Greek (descendants of the gods)

So basically, descendants of the Gods can manipulate certain elements without magic. If its not magic… then it might be spirit energy itself.

I know this is 2020 stuff, but I think it might still apply cause the concept of Creation existed since 2019. At the very least, I think the addition of Spirit Energy may have added an explanation to this thing about Legacies.

The manipulation of Spirit Energy isnt just about manipulating your own spirit energy to attack, I think it also involves manipulating life itself. Manipulating the elements itself.

This is why the gods are allocated specific domains in which they are connected to, its the specific domain of nature, of life that they can manipulate and control.

(Maybe thats how Grand Curses are made? Basically turning a part of their Spirit energy powers into a pure form of Magic…? Is that what Aurem does, converts one to another?)

Since AO MC is most likely a descendant, they have access to this too. I dont think we’ll be able to use this in gameplay, and will only stick to using our Spirit Energy on our own (too gimmicky, too OP, its like using a Curse). But will there be key loments where this happens in story and cutscenes? Maybe.

But hey, Im not done yet. It gets crazier.

Not only are the Gods able to manipulate other elemts related to their domeins, they’re linked to them where they become stronger if their domain becomes bigger. You can say they draw their power from these places.

For example, Poseidon supposedly became more powerful with the expansion of the seas. We can assume the reason why Zeus was the strongest of them all was because the sky literally surrounds the entire world.

Now, what if this rule still applies to their descendants? And we know AO MC is likely a descendant of Poseidon. In a world where 99% of the entire world is fucking OCEAN.

They even received a part of Poseidon’s essence or blessing. Maybe they werent as cracked as before, but oh boy, they might be now.

This becomes even crazier if another theory I have (MC is related to Zeus too) turns out to be true. The whole ocean is one thing, imagine THE SKY.

And yall said PK is cracked :joy:

It also makes AO MC almost like a natural counter to Curse Users. Most Curse Users’ greatest weakness is the Ocean itself. Imagine facing someone who can just drop the ocean on you.

Thoughts? :eyes:


Would he be able to control the magic polluted waters tho? Wouldn’t the magic energy in it conflict with his Willpower/Spirit Energy

Hmm, seemingly didnt stop Poseidon when fighting Zeus. I could be wrong though?

We never really had any canon description of Zeus’ and Poseidon’s fight right?

True, but Poseidon probs wouldnt have lasted as long as he did if he wasnt able to manipulate the waters to some extent.

Even if the ocean is full of magic energy, I dont think it would necessarily stop someone from manipulating it via spirit energy. Its not like you’re imbuing spirit energy into it, its you manipulating the energy that the ocean has. If its imbuing, it wouldve been a struggle due to magic energy.

Yes but you’re manipulating water that you didn’t create, so you probably need to somehow imbue it with your magic/spirit energy, pretty sure Magic Users can only use their magic imitations and Curse users can only use the material they created themselves

Maybe, but saying that MC wouldnt be able to manipulate the polluted waters is also saying that Poseidon shouldnt be able to control the ocean at this point. Which… idk, doesnt really make sense imo. Maybe best not to overthink it?

Well it depends on wich is stronger, Poseidon’s/MC’s control of the ocean, or the magic pollution.

Magic pollution was made by someone who along with Zeus himself lost to 1 person. That we ar supposedly going to be stronger than by the end of the story. If this is true we probably could triumph the pollution.

Poseidon litterly calls us “The strongest will of all legacies”


I mean, there is probably no creature on earth that isnt related to Zeus with how horny that mf is.

What if that’s what Arcane Apotheosis is? The mastery of your inherited domain. Personally I think the coolest thing Vertex could is allow us to choose who we’re a legacy of which would give us a special ability based on our domain.

I personally wouldnt think so. At least, not for everyone. Maybe MC specifically, but not everyone. Hendrix on Whitesummit has it, but he seems to be magicless berserker and I doubt he’s a legacy. Maybe Arcane Apotheosis is just some ability thats the culmination of your powers at its peak.

For MC, Arcane Apotheosis might include Spirit Energy manipulation, but it might be something exclusive to them (and other legacies)

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woah what the heck

honestly i have no idea what spirit weapons r because vet and tech be gatekeeping stuff from testers

mostly bc of corny leakers

I’m not sure why people say Hendrix couldn’t be a legacy. I imagine that there are legacies who are magically inert, and his heightened sensing seems to imply something supernatural about him, and maybe the Apotheosis is different for every legacy. One legacy of Apollo maybe able to heal someone with a touch, while another could plague a town. Hendrix could be one of these magically inert legacies maybe Ares? And his Apotheosis is related to increased strength or durability.

Its just that Legacies are just RARE. Not only that, theyre basically being hunted by the Order rn. They seem rare enough that a huge majority of people dont even know of their existence, even Warren, who could be old enough to have been around since the War of the Gods for all we know.

Maybe once we get sensing, we’ll get a clear indicator. For now, I say the chances are low till then.

personally i think morden is a descendant of hades or aries

I wonder how many descendents of either Athena or Ares are running around the War Seas right now