Theory on Spirit Energy


but iris already has a father? so, did they😳

you think our parent boned a dead god somehow

doesn’t water fly around us when we awaken in poseidon’s temple, so i think he can. and that’s just like his soul peice


Nah rocks/liquids floating around when the character has a big power boost is actually pretty common in general

oh yeah i forgot about charging, i just thought that since it was water, it was poseidon

Nah, that’s Edward Kenton. Sexiest man in the War Seas.

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How can you say that when Ruby Rogers exists?

I will pray for the recovery of your mental facilities.

that also makes sense, much more so than Ares, but there’s like a decent argument to made for either option.

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amen to that one, everyone saying iris was vetex’s thirst trap, ima be real, that position was taken already.

close second, maybe both our are her kids

I wish Paladins will get Soulcasting as awakening :frowning:

I heard someone talking about old ideas for something idk. But I heard about a “Zone” spell thing, if spirit weapons had an equivalent would it literally be a domain expansion?

Yeah, way back then there was a list of various lost/rare spell ideas, and one of these spells was the Zone spell which made an area that dealt damage.

So yeah, domain expansions would be possible assuming the idea didn’t get scrapped.

ye but since when

Just a few days ago. I made this post just a few hours after someone else made a thread about the lore doc being updated. You can easily find up the lore doc link somewhere and youll find that stuff has been added and changed, specifically the beginning parts were.

ye I reread it after they updated it