Theos’s Grand Soup Shop!

Welcome to Theos’s Grand Soup Shop, there are 6 soups, 3 of which you are most certainly to die from!


This is for you guys @Mako @fish

Oh damn

aw hell yeah, gimme that dragon flame pillar soup!

You sure you wanna pay $13 to die a fiery death?


Coming right up

Isn’t that the point of the soup?

image totally not nope nope


I would like one the rising phoenix please!

1 disease curer please.

This should simultaneously kill you and add extra years of your lifeimage

3 Dragon Flame Pillars please (one for me, kds, and the mino)

image image image

Thanks! I am reincarnating already-
Where am I?

You’re in the 46th reality of Hell, now you’re in the 47th


No problem, have fun getting out of that one

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Lets go :poggers2:
@Minotaur and @King_David_Silver , eat up