There's an ominous 'final words' dialogue randomly found in NPC executions

I found this ages ago and made a small mention to this in Tech’s Riddle thread, but after realizing that my chances of encountering this again on my own is extremely low including that I’m not able to visit Palo Town most of the time to check, I think it’s about time to make this post and share it.

I don’t think a lot of people pay attention to many NPCs’ final words on execution, most who are there anyways are people who would interrupt it. From the few that I saw, most of them don’t seem really have big lore revelations, most just reveals the personality of the criminal and nothing more. Some are depressed, some angry, etc etc. It seems the ‘final words’ of NPCs on execution are purely based off of their randomly generated personality.

However, I had an encounter with a very specific dialogue when I just so happened to be talking to an NPC in Palo Town (this was before revamp of the town). And when I just so happened to take a glance at the chat, I caught glimpse of the ‘final words’ dialogue from the execution that happened to be taking place…

If I were to take a guess, I’m guessing this dialogue was probs by criminals with ‘Insanity’

I have to admit, I was kind of spooked by it. Not just because of the text, but who I was talking to at the time. I just so happened to be talking to Finlay Alford, the NPC that talks about the ‘Wrath of the Gods’, just taking notes for lore and stuff. Then an NPC dialogue comes in, mentioning the ‘rage of the gods’… Pretty darn lucky that I saw this, since there’s no scroll for chat. If I didn’t just so happen look at the exact time I did, I would’ve missed even one line.

I wanted to try to encounter this again since I wasn’t sure if I did got the whole dialogue (looking back at screenshots now, I most likely did). However, I never encountered it again.

Sharing this now because I’m certain people here have seen more executions and have more free time to find it again, or even find more dialogue that are similar. Or we can also just discuss what the hell this means. Post will get too big at this point if I add my own thoughts here, so I’ll probs talk about it somewhere in the thread.

So thoughts on this?


Since we’ve learned that gods are dormant until enough people believe in them, what if there is some sort of organization dedicated to one of the gods, and that god is the ‘he’ in the dialogue. This cult could start showing up in the Nimbus Sea, as Poseidon’s dialogue in the Bronze Sea is enough of a segue for it.

Wait, where was this stated? :thinking:

Poseidon says it at Mount Othrys when the player gets their first awakening.

nevermind lol i hallucinated that. i just checked the wiki. what the hell.

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Oh lol. You were right about the “dormant” part tho.

Poseidon’s statement is actually a reference to how in actual greek myths, the way to “kill” a God is to chop them up onto itty little bits to the point that they can no longer funtion. Because they are immortal, you can’t really kill them.

Oh okay. Good to know not all of it was made up.

On the topic of final words at the execution, the dialogue for getting rescued from it is actually related to their final words and they come in pairs.
One npc talked about how the navy would regret executing them as they have many fans who would avenge them. Then someone stopped the execution and they said that the person must have been one of their fans.

It could be a coincidence but knowing how much detail vetex puts into npcs I doubt it


wonder what would this guy have said if he was freed then…

Probably something about making those plans happen

You’re partly right. Gods in AO can’t die, but their body can. If their body is destroyed, their spirit endures. They can roam around or they just stick to one spot.

Their physical form is recreated after an unknown amount of time, most likely thousands or tens of thousands of years. Maybe longer.

But their spirit can also weaken. Such as with Poseidon, who gave his power to help us in our awakening. His last scraps of power fizzled away into almost nothingness, and he became completely dormant. We don’t know if he’ll ever recover.

It’ll take a long time for him to even wake up.

Ooh, now that’s very interesting… makes me wanna see this dialogue again more now to see the ‘freed’ dialogue. Though idk the chances of finding the exact same dialogue though, since I tried looking at executions again and never found it

Well if you ever feel like stopping an execution, listen to their final worse first to find out the connections

That’s kinda strange, most of the time when I stop executions they just say “huh… why did you do that?” Or “let’s work together heheheheheheh”

Maybe it changes if you wait for their final words to be spoken?

Each of those lines probably has final words to go along with them although they could be generic ones as perhaps not all of the dialogue comes in pairs

Most people dont know (probably only us lore-freaks and absolute Explorers) but in New city that was remade and I forgor the name, there is an npc that talks about the Wrath of the Gods

how it was an event that ravaged the seas like if durza explosion have reached the bronze seas (the effects were very similar)

The wrath of the gods was the durza explosion

Damn, durza was the american army causing a nuclear Winter worldwide


Yeah, that’s the exact NPC I was talking to when I found the dialogue. Thats why I was really spooked by it, due to how much it coincided with what I was doing at the time. I just so happened to glance at the chat right when I finished the talk with the NPC when I saw the ‘final words’ from the execution next to it. It’s almost like some ominous warning that the ‘Wrath of the Gods’ will soon come again…