TheWhiteJawa's Rant Thread

i sank and fully looted two atlantean brigs with an actual defense build this time

I feel like a GOD.

they were deadass my primary source of dark sealeds because theres so many of them
on that note, please nerf the spawnrate i’d like to explore islands and fight sirens too please

i’ve got 20 chests so i’m gonna head back before my greed kills me


also crew fishing is fucking overpowered i got a gold kitefin shark, a giant eel, and a tiger shark from them alone

but seriously, i lived, but he actually did it TWICE IN A ROW this is so bullshit :sob:

it got hit by a normal bolt afterwards too


1v1d a pretty strong warlock for his bounty and everything was going ok and then my brain just stopped letting me block or dash away for no fucking reason bro that’s like the only time i’ll have a fair fight in ravenna ever again what the FUCK am i DOING


also i might need to get more agility on my conjurer, 186 attack speed is nice as hell but i was NOT able to catch that man in a flash strike more than once
hell i tried using rising tide on him and it didn’t work out either

i’m getting a little bored of the game and i don’t really want to venture out to the dark sea so i might just stop playing until next update which
is a good amount into next year lol
gonna stay on the forums though, i want that devoted badge

Same, haven’t played in a while really. Hopped in for the deckhands and that’s all