Thoughts on allusions, item asylum, and other randomizers?

Title, i wanna know how people feel about these games since they are currently my favorites.

i would give my thoughts and criticisms but i’m on a phone right now and just can’t be asked

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Item asylum mastapiece 100/10
Fr tho its fun when you grab a couple friends in a priv server and just troll eachother. Idk about the other tho because i havent heard of em

allusions is a more reference based one with less… haha tree go oneshot if you know what i mean.

Very fun with friends but I would never think of touching a pub

Allusions is kinda meh imo
Item Asylum was fun, but a lot of the balancing changes made it fall off like it’s predecessor…

Infinite Welfare.
Oh my god. Infinite. Welfare.
The OG meme randomizer… Nuked from being fun by balance changes induced by whiny children complaining, and a number of unfunny, inherently political items being tossed in that weren’t even jokes.
IW used to be the GOAT; the KING of randomizers. Now it’s a fallen hero, and Item Asylum carried the torch before it fell off a bit. IA didn’t fall as hard as IW, tho.

allusion sweeps case of Lord of Cinder

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i personally prefer item asylum over allusions, mainly because i have no idea wtf is going on in the latter (+team deathmatches suck in allusions)

allusions is the best one imo, and also the references are all stuff i like so

allusions is the only randomizer with pmoon references so its amazing

item asylum had a few now
solemn lament
and a few others i’m forgetting

yea but those are lame and allusions does it better


tdm sucks in both of them it isn’t just allusions

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never got to play IW while it was good unfortunately

shoutout to the people who can do sss combos with yamato in allusions

allusions is for people who want a more competitive experience with more skill based weapons and gimmicks (althought there are quite a lot of spammy stuff in the game that require no skill)

item asylum is for people who just want to have a casual experience without having to engage in a 5 minute fight against someone

id say the 2 games r both alright on their own but they still have a lot to improve on


how i be reading allusion cord messages about library of ruina


Item asylum is the one game that can manage to make me genuinely angry at things

Besides everything going horribly wrong in some other game of course

Allusions has the funny roland. Allusions good

Used to play infinite welfare in like 2018 was pretty funny even though i didnt get a lot of the jokes

I’ve only played like 3 randomizers, Item asylum is pretty bad. It’s just a random conjuction of stale unfunny memes, horrible balancing, and you pretty much know the rest. Allusions I never got into but it seems cool and it probably has way more passion but into it than the rest, and “Randomizer” was pretty much a better version of item asylum all together