Thoughts on enchantment scrolls?

Recently this was added to the trello.
What are your thoughts on this?

I approve of it. Way better than re-enchantment.


I don’t mind them but i don’t think they’ll do much overall.
And here’s why [ it’s a quote from one of my suggestions ]
"Since enchanting scrolls were added to adjustments recently i’d like to say that even with them, that re enchanting would be a good feature especially for legendary items.
Because even with re enchanting [which would pretty much just be a way to re roll enchantments] those scrolls would be incredibly useful as they will always give you a certain enchantment instead of having to rely on rng [ for free to i believe, which means geting certain enchantments on legendary items won’t cost well over 20k crowns ]

So to sum it up. While I believe that having them will be great either way, I don’t believe that they’ll change much because they are going to in the exotic tier and as such will be pretty rare.
So considering their rarity they most likely won’t ever be used for anything except for legendary gear.
Which means that enchanting will still suck for everything else."

might be useful for other exotic tier items

@Uncoool This here is the best alternative to re-enchantment. Don’t wanna grind for another item? Grind for an enchantment scroll so you don’t have to grind for the same of that item.

possibly but since we don’t know what they’re drop rates will be, we can’t be sure just yet.
Cause from what i can tell there will be 14+ types of enchantment scolls, assuming that they each take around 3 hours to get [ it’ll probably be more ] that means that it’ll take 42 hours to get one enchantment that you want, which means that enchanting will still be unnecessarily tedious.

Tbh I just don’t like that a 20% stat boost which is really just min maxing to be behind such a massive grind.

I’d say they’ll probably be easier to get. I still don’t find this worse than re-enchantment. This provides more balance. Now you don’t have to trash away bad enchanted items, but rather you can just search for a specific enchantment scroll.

I place my bet to be around 40 minutes to 1 hour to get one. It’s just an enchantment after all, doubt it’d be that hard.

i hope that’s the case, but just from judging that they’ll be in the exotic tier, i’m not sure.

because then i have no complaints, as long as the scrolls can override previous enchantments.

Probably won’t be a thing.

Besides, you’d be able to trade for scrolls of a desired enchantment as well as auction them, so I don’t see how it could be that bad.

Definitely not the exotic tier. That’s too rare. I’d say the rare tier.

that’s what i thought aswell, but that’s what the trello says.

They’ll likely come out in the Auction update since in the Long Term List it says the auction update will add some treasure items.

Which should be in two months.

It won’t be that bad, I just think that them being able to override previous enchantments would help improve the economy around rare items a bit.

But then they’d be too op. They’d have to be a more rarer tier.

If you could override enchantments, then items with no enchantments would have minimal value compared to items with a low-demand enchant. Plus, why would you enchant an item via Alchemist if you’d rather directly look for the enchantment you desire?

I wouldn’t mind an exotic tier “Advanced Enchantment Scroll” item that can over-ride enchantments. Or perhaps an “Enchantment Removal Scroll”

that’s a valid point, but once the scrolls come out not many are gonna use the alchemist anyways.
[ for rare+ gear that is ]
I mean i’m sure as hell not gonna, not when i could go looking for the enchantment that i want.

Them being able to override enchantments would really just make it so that people at least attempt to get the enchantment that they want first, before using a scroll.

Which is also why i still defend re enchanting actually, because with it scrolls would mainly be used for really expensive to enchant items and the alchemist would still be used for everything else, which would make sense since they’re an exotic tier item.

It would also make alchemists serve as a massive crown sink, which should help crowns maintain some sort of value.

Perhaps there could even be a “Lost Enchantment Scroll” with special enchantments (ex. agility and destruction enchantment or that kinda stuff)

I’ll go do that in suggestion srn