Tier 2 of Fighting Styles

Thermo Fist - An upgraded version of the first model, which means you’re now even hotter and more agile. You might feel like you’re on fire, but it’s actually just the heat.

Sailor Fist - This upgrade makes you more resistant to getting drunk from sea water. You might be able to handle more of it than before (just look at that giant flask! You’ll be carrying it on your back the whole time too).

Boxing - This upgrade makes you even more fast and agile, so fast that nobody can touch you. You’ll feel like you’re as quick as the wind.

Iron Leg(s) - This upgrade adds a protective coating to your other leg, making both of them even stronger and more powerful. You’ll feel like you have legs as strong as a horse (do horse exist in AO?).

Cannon Fist - This upgrade provides you with protective gauntlets due to your attacks getting more explosive than ever before. Hell, even you could explode a whole sailboat with this.


basic combat neglected


Advanced Fist


I really have no idea what to add on basic combat, knowing it could be whatever :sob:

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novice fighting

a machine gun

So in other words, you become Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s fighting styles combined, you basically become Seawater Bo’ Rai Cho (if you haven’t become that already), you become Muhammed Ali/Mike Tyson with the speed of Flash, you can be barefoot and be granted Iron Man legs, and I dunno how to describe Cannon Fist apart from how dope it is (though the gauntlets might ruin the drip).

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reject 2 leg coat
embrace full body metal cloak (mentor confirms its possible)

Absolutely not thank you very much

just make it a buff guy idk

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Maybe on Tier 3 :eyes:

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Unfortunately it’s a must :sob:

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Bro is kicking with thwomps

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Basic combat would just become…

Intermediate combat


where’s my fucking saw hat
and the ability to turn into a dragon

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Bruh where’s base combat…
(I’m a maxed base combat main, give it some justice atleast…)

My mistake, I meant in terms of Kang’s fire powers and Lao’s super speedy Wing Chun.

(I typed out my version of Basic combat v2 lmao)

Basic Combat II - With your basic combat being improved you’re now a martial artist instead of fighting care freely. This will allow you to have +15% Dmg buff, Aoe Buff, Speed Buff, and Range Buff.

Weapon Imbuement with BC tier II: Any imbued weapon will have 17.5 Dmg, Aoe, and Speed buff, any weapon grabbing ability will have 20% Casting speed buff and targets will have “nerve striked” and having targets paralyze for 3 or 4 seconds.

(This may be terrible but i tried😭)

“Water, Earth, Fire, Air”