Tier list above all. (AO Considered.)

This has been made by stalking on the Forums and searching for other tier lists, and I have formulated it based on other peoples opinions in viability during pvp. I know there have been millions of these, and I don’t care. This is to superior tier list for AO(S tier magics stay the same for both games). Better then any that are there before it. Your opinions will not be tolerated or acknowledged. I am also assuming if your using this, you are good at pvp. And increases/decreases in stat’s are being considered in AO.

Thanks to Meta I was able to get the stat increases/ decreases for AO, and stuff like endlag changes from his tier list. (I am not linking it because you have probably all seen it also I dont know how to.)


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No d tier magics
Something tells me that this is a fake tierlist

No magics are worthy of being D tier. They are all useable, just some a lot better then others. Especially with the changes from AO.

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Just get good at the game easy

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True and will stay true until the end of time.

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Light is in B-Tier, immediately disagree. Should definitely be higher :nod:

I meant to put it up to A mb

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ah that explains it

The tier list is real, everything I said about opinions and stuff is not.

alright then, our opinions severely differ

My opinion + like 5 other tier lists opinion

No paper :pensive:
Also im pretty sure ink wouldnt exist in AO

I forgot to remove ink, and the reason paper is not on is because its being removed as well.

paper :frcryin:

I know, I cried too.

I also agree with you :nod:

bro didnt consider that shadow has jackshit synergies (im only saying this because you’re considering ao), biased tierlist

Literally every tierlist is biased

Why is explosion so low, do you want to die?

he wants to explode