"Time's Passion"

Allow me to tell you a tale. A tale of the archangels fate.

What is an Archangels fate first of all?

It is when two beings become one with another.

A being who is covered in the shadow filled with nothing but anger and hatred. Coming across a being filled with light devoid of any darkness. When they merge. A fate is born with one another. Merging back into one another once again after the fate has been sealed…

This all started at the beginning of time

Back then. A demon named luna was created as a mere concept. She could only exist through ideas. And as more people believed her existence. She came to life. Her conceptual existence began anew. A physical existence. Along with a man named Regis. An angel who had the same destiny as dear luna.

After some time they left their own dimension and came into the mortal plane. Luna. A tall women. With white pale skin and dark black hair. Was under a parasol looking at the clouds in the rain. Regis. A tall blonde man in a suit. Visited Luna at the parasol she was at. They talked for a while. That was when they realized their relation ship had a purpose. They began to realize that they were one in the same. Luna and Regis felt a bond surging between them. A bond that had no end. Thus sparked a destiny that would be driven to eternity… An equinox as some may call it. Beginning a fate that would end in a divine presence illuminating from every corner of the bedroom. The beauty of it’s light. And the terror of it’s shadow. The fate that has been rightfully labeled…

Time’s passion


This is probably the most interesting one I have to offer

Nice story but please use longer sentences it’s really choppy.