Top 5 most important features that i think people should talk about more

Number 5-
Weapon casting although this feature is purely a visual change this is vetex pretty much showing us why he is the number one dev on roblox.
Screenshot 2022-04-19 10.46.15 AM

Number 4-Books
I dont see alot of people talk about the books and the importance they have to the lore and the overall depth of the game. The idea of searching for the truth (like a certain one piece character robin) is definitely going to get that one side of the community fired up to go exploring.
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Number 3-The auction house.
There’s not really much to say about this feature ,but i really like the creativity im very excited for this feature!

Number 2- Diving spots
Personally one of my favorite features coming VERY close to first place but ill talk about the number 1 later. Diving spots is a very cool feature with potential to be the most dangerous and exciting part of the game. How you may ask, well im saving that topic for the odyssey of discussions number 2.

Number 1- The expedition into the dark sea.
Anybody else think that sounds like a comic book name? I cant get over the possibilities with this feature even just typing this up i have so much going through my mind with this feature. Dark sea diving spots, more lore, more islands ,mirage islands, Chest and loot only exclusive to this place??
It really should be talked about alot more.

What do you think of this list? if you have a different list leave it in the comments.


yeah i agree

Yes I can’t wait to cast my magic from a fucking greatsword

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God, I almost forgot I can actually make a Magic Mark II Vulcan!

This has been talked about a lot. But without any news theres no reason to talk about the same thing for more than 6 months lol


Auction House is super important but there is really no reason to talk about it, it’s like talking about a trading system in a game when it isn’t added yet.

People could discuss what different Diving Spots there could be which could create some cool designs.

The rest aren’t important or are already talked about (Dark Sea is one of the most talked about things in Major Features Ideas section).

Honestly, when I first played AA in 2015, what I liked about it was the fact that you could actually choose your own magic, and you didn’t have to “spin a wheel” or “buy more spins.” He never makes anything pay to win!

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You have a bad memory of arcane adventures

sharpshooter better >:)

Action house seems like a gimic tbh. The way the game works and it’s items wouldn’t allow for this to be too effective.

The only thing pay to win was aurem? Also yeah I might, I was in 2nd grade I think lol

chest keys i guess
you could get them randomly from chests, but i only ever got one despite playing for hours every day so the chance probably wasnt very high

I like imagining what could be areas within the dark sea. Maybe one section could be an icy place which was once Antarctica

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It just dawned on me how long ago 2015 is…

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I hope the obsidian glass desert actually appears in the Dark Sea

that’d be sick

Playable instruments and power output slider :smiling_imp:

Dark seas is my one of my favorite features but i actually think books are underrated.
There can be a lot of potential with them.They could tell you lore,give you cooking recipes,could help you find treasure. Defiantly will make me want to explore the war seas.

I hate games that are like that, you could start the game with the strongest magic/whatever the spinner is completely due to luck.Really sucks for players who just want to try the different options without having to pay.


i remember hearing someone play giornos theme on a instrument in wild west good times.