Totally awesome mad villainous suggestion 3000 epic!

Totally awesome mad villainous suggestion 3000 epic!
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Being a villain sucks.

Not even in the sense that everyone is on your ass, because everyone IS on your ass, but because there are zero redeeming qualities to being a villain.

Why should I be a villain?


Find out now… on Key Suggestion Z!

Here are some totally awesome mad villainous suggestions to make mad villainy great again!


Simply put, bad rep players should be able to escape from jail.
At higher levels, the options they have to escape. This can be given at level 70+ since at that level they’ll arguably be strong enough to actually fight back against the navy enemies.
Not too sure how I would implement this, though. There should be some way for the player to escape, after all, even if they don’t have their magic, they should have access to their innate physical strength.

Mastered the Art of the Thief

Press E to get the attention of the nearest Grand Navy NPC. If you have more than 1,000 galleons on hand, you can get them to cut your jail time by 50% if it’s 1,000, 70% at 1,250, and 80% at 2,000+.
After getting a guard to bail you out once, you can get them to bail you out for free for the rest of the time in your server. This data won’t save across servers.

This isn’t really a jailbreak thing, but I think it’d be cool if you could actually do this.

“Oh, he’s my dealer.”

Have you ever wandered the streets of Ravenna and wondered,

“Hey, it’d be pretty cool if there was some sort of black market NPC in those alleyways.”

No? Well, who the hell cares!

Black Market NPCs will appear in large cities like Ravenna and set up camp in small, inconspicuous areas. They’ll also have something to do with renown.
They’ll sell higher level items compared to what a normal merchant sells(since they have more access to good weapons and armour).

Examples of what black market NPCs could sell:

Arc spheres
Fair amulets
High level armours like titanium, steel, and sorcerer sets
Will also have access to the merchant mechanic, so if you sell the black market NPC something, they’ll eventually resell it later.
High level weapons(iron)

They can also trade with you if you are lacking in galleons. For example, if you have a fair attack speed amulet, level 120, and the BM NPC has a fair power amulet, level 100, you could trade the attack speed for the power.

But, if the BM NPC considers what they have more valuable than what you are trading them, they won’t budge. BM NPCs will buy and sell boss drop items but won’t trade them(THE LOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE).

Since they have an almost guaranteed chance for profit, BM NPCs will have a special spawn requirement.
A player with a bounty above 50k has to be in the server, or there has to be more than one bounty in the server above 10,000.
Pretty lax, right? They’ll spawn in random secluded alleyways in Ravenna, and they can also spawn in Whitesummit.

If you are a leaderboard player or if you have more than 100k bounty, you can actually be notified that a black market NPC has spawned.

Black Market NPCs can send trade offers, but for the trade to be complete you’ll actually have to find them.

Phew, good thing I’m a key.


Good idea, but the BM npcs are WAY too op and need to be nerfed A LOT.


Sorry Key, but that’s my honest opinion.

Oh well, at least I still put it here.

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I really like the idea, especially jailbreaking and paying your way out of jail, 10 minutes in jail because a hoard of level 300 grand navy chasing you down with no escape just doesn’t seem fun. So a way to get out of that situation easier, whether by money or skill, I like, the black market dealer is a bit overpowered though, I think maybe less high level stuff and more utility items would be cool, like being able to buy potion ingredients, bait, and cannon balls. Or maybe there could be a “rarity” system for the black market NPCS, like you could either find one just selling lower tier items, or you could find one selling enchantment scrolls or high level items, and maybe the higher someone’s bounty is, the higher chances of getting a higher level black market dealer. I do like the trading mechanic for black market dealers though, it’s unique.


I like your idea.

I find the ideas somewhat good, thought I think that it’s effect should depend on the server.
I think that the power of these abilities should scale with server security, peaking when Grand Navy influence is at 100% and there’s only a single criminal in server.

Not a fan of the jailbreak idea, if anything I think that perhaps players would have to be transported over to silverhold, where ship could be attacked by pirates, or player could be held in less secure bases, such as an outposts, which has some chance to be raided by a villan npc.
Also, I do not like the idea of a lv 125 escaping their cuffs, as this should mean that cuffs are useless against us in the later stages of this game, when our max level is higher.

I do like the bribe idea, (That’s what I think it is, thought it’s a bit unclear) however I think it should also act like a pity system, efficiency would be reduced by however much mayhem you’ve caused since your last arrest, as well as if your bounty is significantly high, as the navy would make sure you’re guarded by more loyal guards.

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Jailbreak and bribery sounds like fairly good ways to make jailtime more bearable and less of a useless nuisance.

The black market dealer is a good idea. I think they should sell more than a list of a bunch of meta and high tier gear though, maybe utility or ship parts or consumables or even unique stuff.

They should also have more spawn locations, as I think only Ravenna and Whitesummit is a bit lacking. They should spawn in somewhat-hidden areas of wild islands to encourage exploration, and also because I feel like it would be good. You can make these dealers sell better stuff on average.

Since black market dealers spawn based on bounty, I think it would be fitting for dealers to sell/spawn with better stuff for players with higher bounty. Although I would be hesitant to make renown, something that maybe should be a PVP/leaderboard only thing actually affect gameplay in a significant way.

If things were to be implemented as is then nobody will have a positive rep.

Why? Well the black market system would be broken bc u can get so many meta items from there while positive reps have to chase down merchants for 2 usually trash items. While the jail system for negative rep players does suck and is considered one of the worst features for negative rep players it now becomes no-longer a problem thus making the only downside of being a criminal is getting chased by the navy. Also please go into specifics about the Jailbreak system because it could be insanely broken if not implemented properly.

The breaking out of jail idea is good but the black market system should be heavily nerfed and should be in more areas. To balance the black market system merchant ships should also sell better stuff (like instead of selling 2 items they’d sell 4 or 5 with better items to make catching one worth it).

@Imalettuce Do your thing

Black Market NPCS

  • Criticisms
  1. Too good of a loot pool that allows the npc not only sell rarer items, but also boss drops.

  2. New highly abusable suggested mechanic that could be broken by players with expensive but currently useless items, or with low rarity items they have a lot of.

  3. Too lax of spawning requirements.

  • Commendations
  1. An interesting NPC with different behaviors, who has things that are in high Demand.

  2. An attempt to create a reason for you to pick negative rep rather than positive rep.

  • Suggested Changes
  1. The loot pool should be comprised of higher end gear, Afterall it’s a special merchant that’s harder to find. However it shouldn’t include boss drops, and rarer items should be well rarer, and also more expensive. It should primarily sell uncommon gear, with some rarer items for a server with a large amount of High Bad Rep Players (3-4){100K+}

  2. I’d remove the trading mechanic, although interesting and acting as a good differentiator it ends up being too much of a hassle to setup properly. In order to fix the now missing differentiator you could replace it with a list of things the BM Trader would like, things that he’s willing to pay a little extra money for it to stay quiet. (10-20% extra what the items in question are worth) this list would primarily comprise of weapons or harmful potion ingredients, you know normal stuff.

  3. Having a set spawn island makes it way too easy to just go figure out where they are in a server. It could be an interesting where’s waldo situation where little clues are left here and there to point towards where the BM is, rather than having a set island with a few hidden spawn areas. Essentially it could spawn on any island, but there would be hints and things on criminal islands or areas that lead towards them.

  4. Finally, there should really be a decent requirement for this npc to spawn, just having it be a few people having a 10k bounty will essentially have it spawned on every server at all times. personally I’d have it be two 50ks or a 100/200k player. This would incentivize further investment into criminal actions at later levels and teamwork with others at all levels of rep, to either get the thing to spawn, or increase the plausible gear’s rarity being sold at it

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villain route is high risk high reward (you get to steal cargo and loot private chests but you have the grand navy on your tail, which is probably also a good thing for sealed chests)

hero route is low risk low reward (you dont get to steal cargo and looting private chests is disabled, but you have the grand navy on your side)

heroes can do that too

were there any assains syndicate ships chasing after you? i dont think so

the only high risk of choosing hero route are spawnkillers, especially if you think the navy’s always got your back and you choose a non-meta build such as warden or savant (im not saying theyre bad, they just dont have their opportunity to shine in this version of the game)

I’m not quite sure what you’re point here is. I like the idea of villains being a high risk high reward path, but the fact of the matter is there is very little reward at the moment. From what I understand this thread was trying to increase the amount of interesting things a bad repped player has access to.

All of this said I have a slot thats been a villain since W.O.M, I’ve put about 100 hours on it since AO. The navy pisses me off but I dont think I would play as a hero. However I do think there should be some reward to being a villain, I don’t think the current stuff cuts it.

complain to M28 (wait this aint Vetex about it, im not him so i cant do anything

I am now a villian. I shall give a definetly not biased rating.

Welcome to the cult, enjoy your stay