Toxic Players & Inflated Ego's

Note: I am very much aware that this is a common/recurring theme in RPG-Based games. This thread was made purely for players to share their thoughts, experiences and maybe even advice for those who have had negative encounters with such players or have a tendency to meet said type of players such as myself.

Personally, majority of the toxic players I have met are those quite skilled in PvP or have been around the game much longer (ex. players with 80-100+ hrs. into the game). I like to believe that I am fairly skilled in terms of PvP, the only issue being my ping spiking at the wrong times. That being said, players tend to become rather toxic or develop a superiority complex whenever they know that they are at an edge. I’m a gentleman at heart so preferably I would like to keep things civil and respectful but that’s just me :smiley:

Please feel free to share! I genuinely enjoy reading people’s thoughts and opinions on certain topics.


Imagine not getting ganked as a bad rep by some random good reps.

Yeah, I dream about it every night too…

PSA: If you are a good rep out there, you don’t have to murder us bad reps for not playing the same way you do, taking the same quests you do. You kill our shopkeeps, we kill yours. Its as simple as that. (except for those bad reps who just wreak havoc, no reason not to protect a city’s shopkeeps)


Bounties aren’t beneficial to y’all good reps rn, please leave me alone


This is extremely relatable! I personally enjoy the privileges of being a Tyrant due to having more loot options. However some good reps have a Kill-On-Sight policy and tend to double, maybe even triple-team you. It’s annoying honestly but I guess we have to live with that.

True. This is bound to happen in literally every single progression-based game. It’s never a good thing.

I like to keep my ego down by concealing my Sunken Sword outside of formal duels. A stark reminder that there are other, potentially sensitive people out there.

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most of the time, yes people in MMORPGS tend to lean towards becoming elitist and although it sucks, we can’t really help it
what we can do is just try to stop that notion through just not presenting that as the natural evolution of the way you act with your skill level
don’t feed into the cycle and it won’t continue
but it’s sad that high level people tend to think that they need to act like edgy anime villains and not respectfully
-a psa for people not endorsed by 44th president barack obama

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Valid points indeed. The best way to lead is to lead by example. Your insight is very much appreciated!

Exactly, lead by example. As a good rep I spare every bad rep merchant I find. Sorry if I kill a quest giver, good reps can’t see bad rep quests, but makes getting the reward easier for you I guess? Killing a merchant removes buyback items from the world, and especially killing smugglers who have chest items, you might have just deleted 10 dull power amulets from the world.

Not easy if humans are naturally selfish and “entitled”. Correct, though.

Your efforts in-game are very much appreciated :smiley:

We do what we can to build a non-toxic community. Every action witnessed will always leave some form of impact and that in itself is progress

Actually no, @ItsNotAlfie

Yes I know it certainly is selfless, and I condone it, however there’s a reason there’s “good” and “bad”. I offer condolences where possible but at the end of the day we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum.

This isn’t an inflated, selfish ego: it’s standard gameplay.

I dont usually meet toxic people ingame cuz… I judt kill them, but I usually meet toxic people on discord(one time a toxic kid even tried to have me banned from discord???)

discord is a haven for toxicity, but you can easily just call it out there aswell.

Interesting point @ResExsention, however I do believe that though we are from opposite ends of the spectrum, there are still grounds for mutual respect and courtesy between the “good” and the “bad” and that also applies to those on the same end as well.

Yes, agression makes sense, but ruining the experience of other players simply isn’t ok. There is a difference between defending a village and seeing red letters and obliterating whatever player they hover over.

if it’s gameplay mechanics between the good and bad reps, i would say that it’s all fair game to destroy
after all mechanics exist for a reason, and if that’s to kill a few merchants and questgivers then you have that ability to do so
are those actions justified? no, but if you have the tools, why not use them to influence the game around you?

@NotObama its sad when the toxic prople are the known respected people like Visan the obama tourney winner

That’s part of the game. The NPC died? Whoops, you’ll need to adapt. This doesn’t always go in the way of one person.

The NPCs are killable for a reason.

Personally that doesn’t really bother me. I don’t mind running around a bit looking for Metalworkers or Alchemists. Unfortunately I don’t speak for everyone.