Trading 2 of each american seasonal for offers

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Sorry to shut you down like this, but american seasonals aren’t worth anything especially not just 4 of them most you’ll get is like a forceful minotaur helm if you’re very lucky.

honestly not rlly sure what you’ll get for these, american seasonals aren’t worth much…


Yes, theres thousands upon thousands that exist.

yeah they got duped to hell lol

i heard they could be worth an exiled item (Clean)

If you offer like 300 each or something I dunno.

I’d say 4 or 5 for a chestplate. but thats pretty much equal to halloween items

did headless get duped too then?

No. Headless is worth a good amount. Halloweens weren’t duped to my knowledge, just american seasonals. Also do you have one?

Duping was patched some update after the official release.


is it for trade?


hek I need my 12th one waa

You would’ve had it if you didn’t say anything about its value lul, but maybe that could’ve been a sort of scam?

you seem smart do you know the fastest way to get Sunken’s?

nah most people don’t know its value and still don’t trade it. If they ask for it’s value I’ll be honest about it xd

trading honestly, but if you’re super lucky I suggest fishing with a magnetic collecters rod :nod: