Trading 4 Clean Sunken Swords

Whoever has the best offer. :+1:t4:

most i can offer is a powerful chest for one maybe two. you choose

ill give you an oathkeeper.
Now hear me out, this oathkeeper is so epic, the epicness of it overwrites any epicness. Good deal, IMO :nod:

hard sunkny chestplati

Bursting Sunken Boots, Clean Sunken Boots, Strong Sunken Boots (Clean in AO), and Swift Sunken Boots for 1 sword.

headless for 2 swords :sunglasses:

I’d ask for three and then go to two if they decline, just smart trading.

2 is already overpay, 3 is ridiculous

That’s why you ask first…? If they offer two and have four why not try to meet in the middle? It’s almost certainly not going to work but it’s worth a go

i dont need you to teach me values lol

2 as of right now is like maybe good, i could ask for 3 but then again, they would probably say no. 2 is the best way to go. before it would be overpay on their side, but headless value went up while swords went down so 2 is like even as of right now if you ask me.

Yessir, thats correct. But i havent heard of sunken swords dropping in value as of recent :confused:

it has, people auto fishing makes it drop in value and there have been people who have been fishing a ton lately

I offer strong sunken sword

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i offer strong oath and some random boss drops, which may include good enchant

what about sunken boots and helmet with both boss armor sets and a strong oath and heavy woj?
the sunken stuff and boss armornare all clean

Boss drops are too miniscule to trade for sunken swords.

ik, this is just random

would it be possible to get one for 1 hard and 1 clean oathkeeper, 1 swift and 1 clean vastira, 1 sturdy/1 clean wall of jericho with 13 exiled/minotaur armor enchanted/clean pieces (any of those)

it hasnt dropped in value wdym

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