Trading for headless

I realized that since most of the important enchants are going away having a good enchant for another half a year where the concurrent player base is 200 and having a clean version is the same. Feel free to disagree (the trading community can be vicious) My offer: A WHOLE CLEAN SUNKEN SET. This includes: clean sunken sword, clean sunken chestpiece, clean sunken helmet, and clean sunken boots. Enchants are overated and if you want a deal dm me and don’t comment cuz the haters lmfao. DM ME @: WhyIsMathSoHard#8032

I commented


mid offer, and what important enchants are we losing in ao lol

aren’t we losing strong and powerful? I’m pretty certain.

no we’re not losing power, strong is being changed into clean items and strong and powerful are being combined. items with power will stay powerful

  • strong isnt even important

I still feel that clean is just overall has the best value with almost no risk.

no lol? what flawed logic brought you to that conclusion

because enchant scrolls will exist. That likely what he thought.

that doesn’t explain why he thought clean would be the better bet then good enchants, foolish on his part

Ah I should have mentioned that. That is a strong point thank you.

thats not really a strong point though, good enchant items will always be better in trades then clean. + we don’t even know the rarity of enchant scrolls


Below mid

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But with enchant scrolls wouldn’t clean items essentially have more value than all enchants except the most desired enchant since clean items are capable of having aforementioned most desired enchant via scrolls while 2nd best, 3rd best etc enchants can never do that since they’re already enchanted.

there are gonna be like 4 or 5 enchants with 2 being good

Jack arent you just repeating box?

yeah thats pretty much what i said but with 3x the words lol

No, let me be more clear with an example, let’s say we take a sunken sword. The most desired enchant would obviously be strong, however swift is also considered a good enchant and in the current market has a higher value than a clean ss. What I’m saying is that with the addition of enchant scrolls, a clean ss would be worth more than a swift ss and any other ‘good’ enchants other than the best because of the 100% guarantee that all clean sunken swords can be enchanted with the best enchant (a strong sunken sword in this case). Of course, this really only applies to rare items like a ss where if we assume that getting an enchant scroll is as hard as getting a boss drop, we could say something like:

Strong& Sunken Sword - Cost to obtain Enchant Scroll > [email protected] Sunken Sword

& = Replace Strong with best possible enchant when considering armor or other items
@ = Replace swift with any ‘good’ enchant that is worth more than a clean version of the same item in the current market

too sleepy to read, make it shorter. Smart people can always get their point across in a couple sentences

For that you must first learn the difference between ‘most desirable enchant’ and ‘good enchant’, then you can refer to my earlier message :heart_eyes:

Hint: they’re not the same

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