Trading/ Giving away Boss Drops

Tell me why you deserve a boss drop, and if you wanna trade go to my shop and offer.

because we are friends

fair enough

idea steal :yawning_face:

gimmie so i can increase the prize pool minitroll

no im just rich :grin:

and an idea stealer :sleeping:

nope nope my idea

grrrrr this isnt over mrnormalfart…

Because you sent me to this cursed forum and scarred me forever j compensation yk

why r the thirstiest people for giveaways always the traders dog

Wdum i am Not thirsty i am broke also if i was you can never be too wealthy

I dont listen to drake like that bro he j aint trash imo

you’re a certified boy lover dont chat to me young chap

Who do u listen to then

not the certified boy lover

Yk sleepy hallow hold up i set u on some good artists one time why am i getting violated

Ik u dk who sean dagher is bro stop talkin :rofl: :rofl: :joy_cat: :-1:

Assassins creed guy wym

bitch i will go to the dm and expose ur ass for googling it dont make me do it