Trading headless head + halloween exclusives for 2 sunken swords

Giving headless+exclusives minotaur armor for 2 sunken swords

Wtf hell no

chill out

Are you his alt or somethin why you tellin me to chill out

im his friend and he has about 50 exclusives to trade

seasonals are worth jack shit the only seasonal worth anything is the headless, just because he added those doesn’t mean he gets 3 sunken swords thats a scam and a half bro :eye:

why do u care

Because I’m a trader and I can give advice to some extent? Also because it’s a fuckin scam? I’ll admit maybe it’s a bit of an overreaction, but 3 damn sunken swords for a headless thats mad

he said 2-3 and why u so pissed

That’s only in the title, it’s inconsistent.

woops, forgot to change, i realized 3 was a flippin stretch but i didnt change the desc, my bad

than he changed it and 3 is a little over paying but chill bro

Huge. Something like 2 sunken swords + 1 sunken armour piece that’s acceptable, but a whole ass sunken sword isn’t a “little” overpay

that was after elment’s reaction tho

bro 2 sunken swords + an armer piece is the same thing

What are you smoking
Because I need some of that

its not tho

a sunken sword is way more valuable than a single sunken armour piece especially a helmet. Adding that sunken armour piece wouldnt change the trade too much compared to a sunken sword (assuming he wanted swift/clean or strong sunken swords, i believe he meant cleans)
still even if he meant hard sunken swords theyre also more valuable than a clean sunken armour piece so :man_shrugging:

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nah bro forceful sunken helm is worth a sunken sword bruv smh my smh no cap 100% legit all natural :troll:


Watch someone take this seriously :skull:

he didnt post this to get your opinion