Trading Mino Helm (80), Mino Chestplate (70), Exiled Chestplate (50), for Wall of Jericho (Any Level and Any Enchant)

DM ME: LazyLemonLucs#0367

My username and tag will not change, don’t worry. The trade is in the title. :slight_smile:

Nope. Massive underpay sorry. :sleeper:

What does underpay mean?

VERY HUGE underpay.

The value of what you offer is farrrr too low.

Oh, poop.

Example: Trading minotaur chest piece for a oath keeper.

Minotaur chest piece isn’t even close to the value of oath keeper.

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Ok, I see

Mm I’d say try to get a bad enchant sunken helm for this if you want.

Btw, I’ve heard, is Oathkeeper or Sunken Sword better? I’ve looked on the forums and some dude said Oathkeeper was better caus reach and clash and etc… It’s a bit conflicting I’d say

oath is for fighting, sunken is for utility, so I’d say sunken sword. Although sunken is very nice in pvp

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Also sunken sword is miles better than an oathkeeper

Okay, thanks

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In terms of practicality, probably oathkeeper. It’s ultimate does more damage with a strength setup than a sunken sword, and a ss is kinda meh for pvp. Oath is also good regardless of it’s range. SS is a nice flex tho :mariomug:

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Ss is way better than an oath for both strength and magic mains

Not that it matters too much since weapons arent that good anyways

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Hmm… I guess so. I might lean towards shields or armor then

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