Trading my hard minotaur axe with my clean minotaur helm for a oathkeeper

trading my hard minotaur axe lvl 60 with my clean lvl 60 minotaue helm for a lvl 80 oathkeeper


Underpay, add more.
Minotaur armor is just not worth it/ also the helmet has the lowest armor piece value since it takes up an accessory slot unlike the boots and chest plate.

also, the levels don’t matter due to crown duping/alt farming.

At least get a hard WoJ vastira or something.

Also you did make a few bad trades in the past so might as well advertise this topic.

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I’ll trade you 5000 crowns for a life.

Do you have a life?


If so, it appears you’re being on the internet yourself.

ok. Crowns are physically worthless. Even without code farming it take me about an hour of exiled farming to get max crowns.

why would you not code farm?

that’s just a skill issue on your part

what are you talking about? I do code farm occasionally if I have anything to spend them on.

he’s saying that even without code farming crowns would still be worthless


oh. ong.

Fixed title to be easier to read

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