Trading my Sunkens for Headless

I have

  • Strong Sunken Sword x3
  • Swift Sunken Sword x1
  • Forceful Sunken Iron Armor x1
  • Swift Sunken Iron Armor x1
  • Clean Sunken Iron Armor x2
  • Strong Suknen Iron Helmet x1
  • Bursting Sunken Iron helmet x1
  • Clean Sunken Iron Boots x3
  • Clean Sunken Iron Helmet x3

My DC: -Hxllxw.#8418

Sunkens for hh. :skull:

Welcom ! @ThatOneGuy

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I think you should be able to get one.

Welcome to the Forums. Don’t trust the person above, they will destroy your brain by talking about Mind Magic.

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Stop, let them breathe a bit before terrifying them and making them realize they will never touch grass again

I was telling them not to trust you. I never said that the would never touch grass again, you just did.

I said you would make them realize, not that you said it

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oh sorry

How much are you offering, I might trade one of my headless depending on the exact offer.

You can super overpay for a headless right now, but 2-3 SSS is the headless value if I’m not wrong. People will want more on the forums, but you’re more likely to find a cheaper trade if you find someone in game

Its like1.5 sss

nah its defo more now, 2-2.2 sss minimum

straight up impossible to find anyone in game, its been almost 4 months since i last got one

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Its increased alr damn

i mean it has been almost 5 months since it was 1.5 sss so

Oh fr ive been n trading less so feels shorter for me

Yes or no bursting sunken helm is a step up from forcefull sunken helm?

For Sunken Armor : Hard>Powerful>Bursting>Clean all the other enchants are less valuable than clean but I don’t remmeber the exact order

I think for bad its strong swift keen nimble then forceful but swift and keen are low key equal imo