Trading Seasonals for Seasonals and Sunkens

Pink Bat Wings Headband - 1
Candy Corn Beanie - 1
White Dark Omen Mask - 1
Pumpkin Fedora - 3
Nimbe Brown Bat Wings Headband - 1
Haunted Skull Chain - 4
Hard Haunted Skull Chain - 1
Head Wrappings - 3
Leg Wrappings - 6
Nimbler Shoulder Crow - 1
Red Mini Cauldron - 1
Green Mini Cauldron - 1
Green/Black/Blue/White Hallowed - 1
American Caps - 6
American Sunglasses - 6

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I would like the Green Mini Cauldron

And you aint getting Sunkens for seasonals I think

you forgot about headless and if you give enough seasonals you can maybe get sunken boots or a sunken helm

He doesn’t have one si it was useless to mention

ill give you a sunken helmet for all your seasonals

not really a good deal for Eli ngl

stfu, you know jackshit about values lol

At least lemme buy the Green Mini Cauldron :pray:

sunken helms aren’t the best also he got a decent amount of seasonals

i could just give it to you for free if someone shuts the fuck up

It is true that it’s not cool to ruin other peoples deals

bruh thats what everybody does on here tells you if the deal is good or not to voice their opinion

When there is a discussion yes

no but you’re purposely ruining my deal after I offered. Most people don’t do that except shitters like yourself

And it’s actually not a bad deal

I’m just telling the guy that you could probably find a better deal goddam I’m just tryna help him

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yeah but you’re being an asshat at the same time, and as I said you know jackshit about values so your “help” is useless

better just to :shushing_face:

there is a value list btw and 1 seasonal is basically worth a boss drops