Trading strong sunken sword

lf hard sunken armors mainly or powerful idm a sunken sword add with it idk u can offer



I was thinking abt it but I don’t wanna give both of my hard sc’s for a strong since thats both overpay and I already have a sss, though I’ll offer something else

1 hard sc 1 clean sc and 1 clean sh

not gonna offer anything different since idc enough :innocent:

do u have a trash enchant ss

if u do add that with hard sc and maybe clean sh i dont need clean sc

Non, everything listed in my shop is what I have

i have trash ench ss but i just traded my hard sc
though i have other sunken armors

elaborate what else u got

which other sunken armors u got i can do trash ench ss with sunken armor adds

hard ss, bursting helm, forceful chest

ic nty

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