Trading Sunken Sword for 100k fish bait

My offer of trading Sunken Swords for 100k fish bait (per sword) still exists.


Can dm on discord if interested or wanting to trade.

I’m too lazy to grind fish bait

lets haggle.

100 bait. take it or leave it

alex this is worth no cap

boots & cans, final offer

Hes got a fuck ton of those

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Since crowns are basically worthless because of crown codes, people can just waltz over to bait vendors buy 100k bait, and then get a sunken sword, without ever having to fish.

Edit 1: Lmao forgot it was already closed before I had messaged.

I think because everyone is toi lazy to delete and recreated 334 files

oh its only 334?


In the most time efficient way

where are you getting 334 from? you only need ~115 plus a bank guild for max efficiency

100k fish bait is more then enough to catch your own sunken

unless your luck is extremely horrific

point is not to fish my man

Yeah but would you really fish for 1000 hours to use all of that bait?

Additionally let’s say you were fishing for a sword, that’s still like 1/8k base rate, which is like 80 hours of fishing, sure you can reduce it a bit depending on fishing rod.

But you could easily get 100k fish bait within 10-20h.

So… 10-20h of buying bait > 80 hours of sitting in a single spot fishing non stop.

fair enough