Trading Three (3) hard sunken swords for a headless head

disc is Diarmadhi#5851,

damn thats quite a few sunken swords
but, youre probably gonna have to add more sunkens

hm, if you’re saying that in the context of a trade with you, what would you expect?

if i had a headless, i wouldnt accept this trade

I definitely wouldn’t

How unlucky do you have to be to get 3 hard enchants :skull: unless you traded for them all

No offense, but, that would be preeeeeetty stupid on your part considering (potentially) you could turn them into 3 different headlesses.

Honestly it’s quite tempting to take it myself, but I dond really have the dedication to search in-game for 10 hours again. (and because I already have som swors :sunglasses:)

NOOOOOOOOO drama having a different opinion means I’m automatically wrong


longer reason: so what are the chances that you can turn those 3 hard sunken swords into headlesses??? Yeah not worth the effort imo.

Not THAT low, you just need to have a lotta patience that’s kinda how I got most of my headlesses, but it’s undeniable that it’s quite risky especially the longer you take to decide to do it cuz the amount of players decreases, but you do need to take at least some risks to get real profit imo (unless you score the biggest lowball of your life).

I’m just taking from my experience; pretty sure the chances that people ask for a hard ss with their headless instead of other stuff is :skull:

Not on the forums tho, in-game

I’ll have YOU know, someone else sent me a trade of their headless + a bunch of clean exiled drops for my hard ss

ill have YOU know, someone sent me a trade of their headless for 4 shit enchanted exiled drops, twice.

I’ll have YOU know I sent someone a trade of a legendary fish and a shitty sunken helm for their headless, and they accepted.

shitty sunken helm > 4 shitass enchanted boss drops

Not if I say otherwise

they were enchanted with bursting and the one oath was enchanted with hard

Dnc I made bigger profit :sunglasses:

dnc because im biased and ur cringe