If I wanted to trade for a Sunken Sword with boss drops, what would I need. I guess the list is gonna be very long

strong oaths
youll need soo many that you might as well scam some kid ingame

It’s what I’ve been trying to do for 3 months, but no luck. How many Strong Oaths ?

its a number thats like you shouldnt even really have that many strong oaths
for a hard sunken sword. maybe 10-15??? you should never really trade boss drops for swords. just trade sunkens

The problem is RNG hates me, my only ever Sunken was a KEEN Sunken Helm

trade boss drops for other sunkens
trade those sunkens for sword

What sunken could I get with : 1 Strong Mino Boots, 2 Clean Mino Armor, 3 Clean Exiled armor, 2 Clean Exiled Leggings, 2 Clean Exiled Helm, 2 Sturdy WOJ, a Strong Oath, a Hard Vastira and a Strong Vastira ?

someone who likes boss drops might give you a clean sunken piece or two

Should I risk rolling my boss drops ?

i literally do not care do what you want


“scam” might give new users the wrong idea

its true though
theyre just synonyms to me

nah way too much. 6-8

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unless you want to promote malicious deception no

not really

also it’s not really an obscure definition type of thing here, even in other game’s trading and irl “trading” these are 2 different things

boss drops for sunken sword trades are always controversial so thats why i said to just dont trade drops for swords

still the same to me ill use them interchangeably

true but giving a wrong estimate isnt helpful either

meh good enough i guess

i mean i wouldnt take 6 strong oaths for a sunken sword so i just listed what i would maybe take
cuz who genuinely wants strong oaths for their sunken sword unless you like oaths

you’re taking into account forum overpay though, generally i agree that 6-8 for a hard ss is fair value wise