Try to give me a valid reason why re-enchanting shouldn't be a thing

All enchantments are supposed to be balanced. So what is the point of preventing people from changing the enchant on an item? It’s very annoying to get multiple of the same chest item (or maybe a sunken item) just to get an enchant that you want. It would still cost a lot of crowns to get the enchantment you want, so you’re still working for it.

I’m posting this because apparently Vetex says he’s never adding it.


It’s probably because it technically makes it easier to get good items with good enchants

What do you mean? All the enchants are supposed to be balanced, so there’s no “good” or “better” enchants.

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Strong and def ( or whatever there called) are currently the meta since the other enchants besides swift don’t really do much

Still, they’re all supposed to be balanced. Sure strong and hard might be a bit powerful (or maybe the problem is that the other enchants aren’t strong enough) currently, but I’m positive that Vetex wants all of them to be equal.

I’ve seen good suggestions talking about nerfing Hard though, health and regen is pretty op atm

Well you could be right but certainly stats could make early game too easy to play with certain enchants

I guess it would be pretty stupid to add a way to choose/reenchant an item in a grinding game.
You would only need one copy of each to make whatever set you want which is way too easy while one of the most important part of WoM is collecting way too many items.

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Also I don’t wanna start a 100 replies topic so that’s pretty much all I had to say here

You would have to pay the full enchanting price each time you re-enchant, and for early game that can be pretty difficult for early game items costing like 100-200 and quests only giving like 10-30 crowns

Vetex already said no even with disenchanting being expensive

“Most important part” sounds like a pretty bad argument, and besides, having too many items in your inventory will cause you lag every time you log in, and maybe data loss problems too

The point of this thread is to find a valid reason, not to change anything.

Try to tell me it’s hard to get dozens of copies of every item.

yea it’s really easy to get dozens of sunken items dude

also, rarer items cost a TON to enchant at all, so it’s pretty balanced since you still have to do a lot of work

In the end Vetex simply said no to disenchanting that’s just how it’s gonna be unless he changes his mind.

Yeah that’s why I don’t want to start a third of fourth drama about it if it’s literally useless.

I ain’t here to change shit I just want a valid reason behind Vetex’s decision

These are vetex’s exact words

Adding disenchanting and re-enchanting would make getting the best possible armor easy, which it shouldn’t be.

I would’ve quoted it but I can’t so I just copied and pasted it