Typ0's awfully biased and trash opinions on every stat build in AO

warriors are winning :yawning_face:

Absolutely based and redpilled

i have a warlock who uses iron leg for a feet-based gag and i have a warlock who uses sailor fist (with magma) because i unironically like it and think scalding is good.

Literally the second most basic bitch build to ever exist, there are all kinds of new unique options and yet you chose the magic route, the worst part about this is mages actually get rewarded for being little spineless babies because at the moment mages are also braindead easy to use, aiming? a mage has never heard of it, though mages are to be gutted soon with the upcoming v1.12, It still won’t change the fact that this build is for the most normie people of them all.

In my defense, I was going warlock before I found out stat distribution is % based and gimped my fighting style so I just went mage :skull:

bro wtf you’re actually succeeding

Bro shit on everything but warlord :skull:

Well, he did say it was awfully biased

Look I’m trying to find something to shit on about warlord lemme cook

edit: shit on warlord

I shitted on warlord

beserker’s either need better ranged options, more close-range survivability or less endlag/more ways to combo

what you said about savant is, a little bit mixed up. people who choose to go savant before second awakening released is there for a reason being all imbuements (im a savant with poison light magic, all guns, basic combat hoping for impact fist) by second awakening i will have a build where i attack it hits because of speed not size. then im planing on imbueing (depending on if its good or not) poison on impact fist (high DoT/damage) poison on musket (high damage DoT) and maybe poison on my other guns because i do kinda still want bleed. and my guns are all swift besides musket so my light attacks are gonna likely be all multi attack arrows