Uhh... who the hell is this guy?

i found this random dude called john thorne and he is really strong


Thats no random dude… Read the title. “Magic Council Founder”. In Lore Doc, it states he was from the War Seas who chose to retire after leading some empire, eventually led the people in Sixth Sea to PK’s continent, and he named it “Magius” after his fallen homeand. PK later gave him the Steel Curse due to him having traits not many have. He later joined Trigno and Averill to create the “Magic Council”

Wtf, is this in WOM? I never touched the game after being moved, so I never knew about anything added there other than the level cap removed. They added him??? Man… I thought he’d at least would be higher than lv 300…

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i never knew they added him in arcane odyssey, i found a really tall tower while sailing and i saw him on top

ill try to beat him next time but he deals ridicilous damage

incase its a bannable offense, this is satire but please play along


i guess he came back to the war seas after a while, nothing better than the feeling of going back home

  1. The picture is edited in case you weren’t aware
  2. While he did join Trigno and Averill with being in charge of the magic council, it was just Trigno who founded it

dont ruin the vibe man play along

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This tall tower is fort talos isnt it
Pretty good for something like this because nobody goes on top

please play along theres no reason for all this

I’m just speculating where you got the image from at this point since it isn’t that familiar

Version of John Thorne that wasn’t caught up on the lore


pre timeskip john thorne

not a lot of people have gone to the top of fort talos so i dont blame you

this is the john thorne before he left the war seas because he is in the war seas (duh)

Ah that would explain why he isn’t as strong as you might expect

“iron thrust” :flushed:

lore accurate move john thorne used on his girlfriend

I found this yesterday and me and some of my clan tried to kill him, he wiped us

I believe that he sniped me a while back when I was fishing at sailor’s lodge
it insta killed me :<

does he beat admiral adkins tho

Now dude, next time please consult me I’ll make the UI look realistic