Ultimate Stat Build Topic (As of 1.15.1)

The Nimbus Sea update increased the level cap by 11, which means 22 more stat points.

If you are a hybrid, then I am curious to see what your class is and your stat spread, preferably also why you chose it. If you want, you can instead vote what you think the best stat spread for that class is.

(The 2 extra stat points won’t be considered since they are generally worthless, but feel free to comment where you would put them)

  • 160 S | 110 W
  • 150 S | 120 W
  • 140 S | 130 W
  • 130 S | 140 W
  • 120 S | 150 W
  • 110 S | 160 W
  • Something else
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  • 160 M | 110 W
  • 150 M | 120 W
  • 140 M | 130 W
  • 130 M | 140 W
  • 120 M | 150 W
  • 110 M | 160 W
  • Something else
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  • 160 M | 110 S
  • 150 M | 120 S
  • 140 M | 130 S
  • 130 M | 140 S
  • 120 M | 150 S
  • 110 M | 160 S
  • Something else
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I won’t make one for the vitality builds, since they are all similar rn. However, feel free to comment what you think the best spread is for vitality builds. I would assume its 110 V 160 [Other stat], but maybe it would be better to put more into vitality for the new armor pieces.

Savant is too complicated for me and I barely know anything on how to build it. Though feel free to comment what your stats for Savant are.

And uh… if you have vitality in a pure build for some reason, then feel free to share it here. I kinda want this thread to be for everything related to choosing where to allocate stat points.

As a Warlord myself (I mainly made this topic to find the best stat spread for warlord lol) I would assume that the best stat spread would be 120 S 150 W because you can unlock shot and some higher tier weapons (elius drops and greenwish staff as examples). But maybe there are other stat spreads that are also good, which is the main reason why I made this topic.

Ain’t no way 150 strength is actually viable.

personally wouldnt run 150 str cause you only get focus, and focus/aura don’t affect imbues

Yeah, I would imagine that higher tier weapons would be better than focus but it seems like 4 people disagree.

Conjurer poll is not very conclusive.

Surprisingly, people really prefer magic for Warlock instead of strength. I guess the meta for it has shifted? But it’s only 5 people’s opinions.

I don’t know enough about the balance changes to try and guess why these results exist. But maybe people will start to find meta stat spreads for each class in a few days time.

Speaking of warlord I might try boxing lord, any tips?

142 Vitality 130 Weapon.


I run basic combat btw.

  • Fighting style is good for high damage combos and movement, due to cone check you might find yourself zipping back and forth from your enemy (I like this playstyle)
  • Weapons can either be used to be more versatile (e.g. staff or musket to do poke attacks) or to combo with your fighting style better (e.g. melee attacks)
  • Don’t forget about fighting style, I think it does more damage (or weapon damage calculations are bugged idk)
  • Rushdown probably not good because weapon grabs are plentiful and are faster
  • In previous patch, dagger + high attack speed would let you fly, maybe you can still do it esp. with boxing

yeah as I’m considering stat resetting to lightning conj, what stat spread should I go for?

I don’t know, but that’s also the reason why I made this topic/polls.

Majority thinks that 120 M | 150 W is good, but it’s not over 50% of respondents (warlock is also getting conclusive results). You can view responses for the polls, even if you haven’t voted yourself.

Well that confirms my suspicion, 120 S and 150 W is likely the best warlord stat build. And it’s the only good one I have available anyways.

I’ve been kinda afraid to spend my stat points, but I’ll probably do it now.

Weirdly enough, for every hybrid there’s a non insignificant minority who think that focusing on “the other stat” is better (the stat which was not meta for that build pre-nimbus). Like there’s some people who think a magic focused conjurer or warlock is actually good. The most popular builds don’t even get back javelin or selino, so I wonder what these people are thinking. (Edit: Nvm new selino requirements are 150 str) I hope they did not misclick, thinking that magic was weapons or something.

These polls are kinda fun, maybe I’ll do more of these.

So like… what are the major differences? I’m trying to figure out what to invest into on my Juggernaut file. Is there even a reason to go 160 on a Hybrid?

160 str lets you use Rushdown on your secondary style I nearly forgot

My reasoning for 110M/160W is that fact that I use weapons a lot and vetex is going to do monthly updates, so I’ll just do the waiting game atp

only if the abilities for vindicator weren’t upped conjurers would be able to use crushing judgement, I don’t think that there’s a single weapon that has an ability on 160 now which is quite unfortunate.

272 magic goes crazy