Unable to turn good rep

What were you doing before bug occurred: i reported this bug before, but now i really understand the severity of it. i ltierally cannot turn into neutral. i spend an hour getting from villain to unfriendly -150 and i turned into hostile - 389 for no reason at all. i was just wandering the wilderness man

Steps to reproduce: exist in the game as an unfriendly player

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): heres the screenshot

honestly man, i legit give up trying to become a good rep now. it’s impossible for me. i really dont get why it turns me hostile. sometimes i go hostile as soon as i join the game. sometimes im fine for like 40 mins and then bam im hostile for no reason. only happens when im unfriendly. oh actually sometimes when im hostile, i turn into a villain for no reason at all. guards dont spawn most of the time this happens, but they have spawned one time it happened. i dont know any reason why. i dont see any correlation between what i do in game as to why this glitch happens. im surprised no one else has reported this glitch, (unless i just haven’t noticed them doing so). if it’s just happening to me and no one else i have no idea why. just to repeat, it’s happened to me like as soon as i join the game once before. i literally joined the game, clicked play, went on my slot, i didnt even move, a couple seconds passed i was alt tabbed, i switch my tab back and all i see is me hostile (i was unfriendly before) and a bunch of guards spawn on me (this was the only time guards spawned on me when i randomly turned hostile). dude i dont even care about being a good rep i just want a grey neutral title.

here’s an ss of right when it happened (notice my name changing from unfriendly to hostile in chat)

I’ve heard of the minotaur’s axe losing you reputation if you kill a bandit camp with it.

If I had to guess on the random heavy rep loss, it may be possible that you’re dealing tiny amounts of damage to buildings with your high jumps, and then later the building is destroyed and you share the blame because you “helped destroy it”.

ultimately though it’s really hard to track down “i randomly lost rep” - it’d be nice to have a log for this

You might be constantly getting on the news for “bad” things, if you surrender to the MC I think I saw someone say they always get in the news for being “captured” by the MC which lowers their rep more then they gained because of criminal record.

i thought of something similiar, but one time i went bad rep upon just joining a game. perhaps that one time could have been something different then the bad rep glitch

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