Unrelated question

Who can beat this bald guy

Caped baldy

chaos solos

i could beat a scrawny B class fraud taking credit from other heroes


He’s Class A idiot.

still a fraud :yawning_face:

King’s a fraud :smiling_face_with_tear:

curse users solo

seriously? how can the association still promote him after blatant credit stealing of other heroes

Kirby would win.

Don’t think many others would, though. Idk why, but this sucker looks kinda tough, despite his goofy expression.


adding another post

I mean I know this is a lazy answer but any omnipotent boundless entity could just delete saitama :man_shrugging:

Seems like the creators of the show

who can beat one punch man King

just try this link to another post


Can i add more dots?


a gun

Or exo mechs

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