[USEFUL] Map of chest hotspots! 💰

Courtesy of the Explorer’s Guild, I have created a map which marks the location of every chest hotspot. My intention for this map is to allow people to plan better chest grinding routes. This post is the sequel to my original chest grinding route post.

The Explorer’s Guild defines a chest hot spot as “an area consisting of four or more chests within close proximity to each other”. Personal storage is not recognised as viable loot.


Please note that boss towers and bandit camps are not included in this map due to them being randomly generated.


Map Key:
:red_circle: Hidden/concealed chest hotspots
:large_blue_circle: Large chest hotspots
:yellow_circle: Regular chest hotspots


Due to me not knowing every secret location/every chest hotspot, this map is considered incomplete. However, if you know of any more locations with chest hotspots, message me on here or on Discord (:tada: Annè#0003) or, alternatively, you could download the image, edit it yourself and post the edited version in the comments.

If you require help finding these locations, I’d be happy to help you. Message me on here or on Discord (:tada: Annè#0003) with your ROBLOX username.

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Two questions:
Are the blue circles the large chest hotspots, and
What’s that one concealed chest spot near practically on Mount Seawatch?

There are two hotspots there. One is the hidden tavern and one is a maze on the west side of the mountain

The tavern, huh? I’ve been to the tavern loads and never found any chests, so good to know it’s actually a chest hotspot. This maze is new though.

The hotspot I placed there was for the maze. If you need help navigating it just DM me.

The blue circles are large chest hotspots with multiple chests scattered all over the area - but still in close proximity.

this is good but I disagree with the “large chest hotspots” why is an area with like 5 chests a big hotspot, but the area that includes a underwater temple with 12 chests, a ruin with 5 chests, a easter island head with 5 chests, and a small lake with 8 chests all close together not considered a hotspot?

Maybe they were just missed in the making of the map, idk. I mean that’s also why you should go off of what you find yourself aswell as what other players find. But you shouldn’t just take what other players use and not find anything else out for yourself.

I probably missed them.

Map update 1:

  • Hidden water maze added (thanks to @pizza)
  • Top of Silent Tower added
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did you include the water maze?

wait nvm saw the post above nvm

Yeah I meant water maze not labyrinth :frcryin:

Thank you so much, this is amazing. I used to only go around the perimeter of the world and loot boats.

No problem :slight_smile:

How many chests are there on top of the silent tower?

4 @NoMotivationGamer

Thanks also the summer hold has a bunch of chests on the walls and in the gatehouse (They are not personal storages)

I know. I purposefully left cities out since none of the chests are considered hotspots. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

you’re a whole g ;-;

wut :confused: