v1.14.XX Balance Document - Thoughts and Discussion Thread



they gave shield a fucking reversal, guys.


Is the fourth reason because of the new modifiers that were announced?

you would probably also have to then remove the ability to use those skills if you aren’t invested in a weapons build, just for consistency
also if you do that then that might throw a wrench into the whole system as it is now

do we still get access?

The link to the doc had been replaced, it should work now

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changing affinities for weapons is an awesome change, always fun to diversify builds

Thank you for that. :+1:

I read the 1.15 balance document. Why is shot getting a 15%~ dmg nerf. I thought shot only does a little more than a double beam. Ik double beam has longer startup but it gets negated in most attack speed mages. I won’t like it when my sailor style shot gets out traded by a shadow double beam.

maybe because it deals more damage, has less startup, more aoe, and probably has better clashing

nah shot’s clashing is absolutely horrid

eh, i wasn’t sure but from my experience i would always get outclashed
prob just lightning conjurer things

yeah prob lol, as a glass warlock I have the same issues

The aoe is about the same I believe shot is better without size but doesn’t scale as well as beam with size. I believe beam is better with more size. The dmg of shot vs double beam is like very minimal like a 5 dmg difference, idk the exact numbers.

Also I’m talking about shot if they do 15% nerf.

the aoe for shot is bigger
single shot should not be dealing as much as double beam

But beams are much better at long ranges and are more accurate

Shot being better at close range shouldn’t be a suprise

they both have the same accuracy and i don’t even think shot’s range is that bad

Unless you running thermo, shot range is very limited, past a point it does half damage

Beam on the other hand has a much larger range and is much easier to hit

Shot with high attack size is basically free damage…
Have you ever faced a boxing juggernaut with shot? Positively gashtly, they can just stay at mid range and spam shot (free damage since AOE), and the knock back is highly oppresive because you cannnot dash while in knockback.