Vetex needs a team

At the very least, he should utilize his contributors and get the highest possible value out of them.

RS has a higher budget than AO, Rellbad has stated before that they’ve already spent 6 figures and that was a couple months ago. But I do agree, Vetex should literally look into hiring devs. The Nimbus Sea part 1 which took 6 MONTHS lacked content and I dread that the monthly updates will be depeleted af in content.

Sadly vetex doesn’t even want support from people he knows, why would he want it from a stranger? He has modelers and builders but barely requests help and support from them. That and he’s ignorant and stubborn to even his own testers and people who help him.

Vetex still has multiple ways to profit like global messages, premium payouts, patreon, gamepasses, etc. And it should concern people more to question where ALL that money is going other than things he needs in real life for the better of the game. Yeah he pays people but it doesn’t matter if he barely wants them to be apart of the project 90% of the time so it really isn’t going anywhere back to the game

Agreed, he needs to shit out his pride that is hindering his own game. It is standard that a game dev would hire random people if said random was reputable and do good quality work.

Sadly it won’t ever happen because no one ever says anything, and there will always be people who will dickride his ignorance. Your ‘favorite’ game won’t be so playable in the future when his mistakes come back to him

I’m merely stating the best course of action. I don’t expect him to even get significant help due to his flawed personality.

People change, there is always a chance.

Hes been like this since AA theo, why would he change NOW

Vetex would probably go bananas at the mere sight of people begging him to change lmao. I highly doubt it.

his only response to anything these past few days was him being defensive and rude to people. Tech is like the only one begging people to forgive them yet none them address the actual issues with vetex’s behavior and the problems of their flawed game design. Still haven’t seen ANYTHING from vetex but him blaming the Roblox platform for every issue people have of him and no accountability is taken. No apology or explanation just “its roblox”

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you shouldnt say those things without actually LOOKING. Vetex has apologised multiple times, he has expressed empathy towards those who lost their weapons, and has stated multiple times how this update was a big disappointment for the players and himself. If that isnt accountability idk what is tbh :man_shrugging:

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I’m not talking about the weapon wipe, I’m talking about the content as a whole. 4-5 months for 10 minute of content, a TON of bugs, reskinned items and just a very sloppy update in general. etc. your first statement goes to you, because all I’ve been seeing is him still being defensive/ignorant/stubborn to those who literally have common complaints and it’s been like this for years. There are people who don’t like him because of his behavior that rolls back to even Arcane Adventures. Just because you’re disappointed doesn’t mean you are truly sorry, or else you would actually DO something. Like people say, actions speak louder than words. He barely wants any support from people even his own testers/friends and that’s why this game is very flawed in it himself. People have a right to be upset, and just because you say you are disappointed and sorry doesn’t mean you actually are.


That’s pretty much what has been happening since AO was in pre-development to my understanding.

Also, Cryo built Shale Reef and I built Drakos. There’s more than one builder, and we do more than just islands depending on what is needed.


you say this like I’m just purposefully slacking off and then putting out a bad update on purpose lmao, I was depressed for 2 months during this update and just wanted to get it out and over with so I can move on already, even if I had a team of people the update would have been generally worse because of this.

You say “actions speak louder than words” yes… thats precisely why there is going to be an event a week after the update and updates are changing to be monthly, to make up for this flawed update cycle. don’t pretend like I’m just releasing this update and then going back to the same 3 month update pattern without realizing the issue

my game gets more frequent and larger updates than some actual non-roblox games, you kids are just spoiled by playing stuff like deepwoken that gets weekly pvp balancing so you expect every game you play to be like that

I don’t know any coders I trust to work with and even with builders its incredibly hard to find people that can match the style I want, even with the islands added by builders in this update I had to spend hours editing them. Since its a story-based game, I want to be in direct control of things like boss design, story island design, dialog, etc. since its me and tech’s story, having other people make stuff in their vision would make it incredibly messy. Since its a story based game, I care more about making it exactly to my vision of the game’s lore and story rather than hiring a bunch of people I don’t know just to satisfy impatient, entitled kids. Also, for the game to be sustainable long term, I would not be able to pay other developers long term without compromising my own income.

if you don’t like the update speed or quality then just stop playing and let this tired argument die, you say the game is incredibly flawed due to my games being solo made yet people have still been playing them for years and thats not changing any time soon, clearly. You don’t know me personally so don’t pretend like you do. This game’s best features and story are still ahead of it and we aren’t even in the full release yet