Vetex: No airships. Also Vetex:



eh it’s close enough


real one piece vibes though so i’ll allow it

its official, game became blox piece

well its heavly based on one piece so

I think it is pretty cool as long as it is just used for certain areas and parts of the storyline.

i mean i think its gonna be usable anywhere but i mean to recharge it u must go back so its technically unusable far away from the floating islands and there is no point on using them as transport to go island from island bc well isnt it obvious?

I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not modeled or inspired by an early Zeppelin, but this is better than nothing I guess.

Wait go find where he said no airships im curious.

was under a suggestion that got cycled through but irregardless not a big deal, things change

hey look its me




If your skyship goes too low, can giant sea monsters snatch you out of the air?
Would be fun

And scary

its not an airship its a skyship you fucking idiot

Half my boat gets nommed by sea monster that can yeet itself 1000 meters into the air.

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