Vetex suddenly gives you the chance to make a custom lost magic for only yourself, what do you do?

Vetex suddenly approaches you in a van one day that says “free lost magic” you enter the van and he allows you to make one lost magic for yourself and only yourself in AO

What is your magic’s name, what is it based off of (what is it), and what would it’s moveset be like?


in this scenario, i would probably make a magic called “arc” magic (get it, because like, my user is 64arc), and it’d be somesort of magic with a similar design to light, but just with purple lightning particles (basically purple aether lightning to some sort of extent)
i have no clue what type of moveset i’d give it

damn ngl i kinda want that in game now

I make sword magic. You summon swords that inflict major damage like being stabbed by 100 longswords.

wait didn’t that already exist or am i braindead


I would most likely make a magic called Crusader magic. It would basically have moves that create defense bubbles around you, allowing you to heal easily, and break it at any time with only my sword (Nobody else’s swords would work). Some moves would also amplify sword damage by several times, making swords actually useful. One move will also allow you to become giant, and give you extreme sword range.

I would make a supportive magic called sentinel or something, which can be used to identify/find enemies and chase them around, then go into their body to do low-medium damage

@ThatOneGuy i see you replying you better not reply with something like “Apocalypse Bringer 2”

Apocalypse Bringer Finder Magic: Use spells to find Apocalypse Bringer scrolls


Enchantment Magic: Apply buffs and debuffs to yourself or others. Like the Enchantment spell that’s planned to be a Lost Spell but as a whole magic. Make yourself stronger, make your enemies weaker, induce temporary Warding or Insanity. Support is the name of the game, would also make it less dull that Healing/Life Magic (and the Enchantment Lost Spell) is (are) the only means of support.

there can never be an Apocalypse Bringer 2

im going to crucify you

If i were to make a magic it would probably be something insect based like “Mantis Magic” or “Spider Magic”

mantis magic: if you meet someone else with mantis magic and they are female they eat you. if they are male you fight and one guy eats the other.

Finally, simp magic

Chaos magic.
Who knows what it’ll do? I sure as hell don’t.
While you can customize everything about the magic, you can’t control what magic is being casted.
(Every attack, even in single spells, randomly chooses a magic for the attack to be)
IE: A 20 cast spell might just cast nearly every base magic in the game.

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the whole van part of this is very specific
also I would want a magic that would let me attach puppet strings to people to control them and make them slap themselves or fight each other. So Doflamingo in a nutshell

Asking for a social experiment :slight_smile:

Watermelon Magic ( basically plant magic but watermelon )

it’s single large blast will shoot out a watermelon that explode and release blood red juice upon contact, doesnt really do anything. the blast deals high damage but is slow

it’s multi-blast will shoot out watermelon seeds that can grow vines on targets which will slow them, if it hit terrain then it will grow vines there which will trap whoever walk into it, or grow into watermelons that you can eat after a while :nod:

it’s placed explosion will burst out vines that trap target(s)

it’s self-explosion will be just red juice explode ( im sleepy as hell right now alr )

it’s beam is ermmmmmmmmmmmm

it’s high jump is just red juice explode, again

it’s comet lost spell will drop a fcking watermelon on target(s)

Stoner Goomba:

This magic allows me to summon a Stoner Goomba with my Inv/spells copied. It attacks towards the player/npc I am currently fighting. And when it dies, it gives the enemy player/npc closest to it Insanity 5 (does not work to party members).