Vienna gearing up

More Vienna art, hope you all like it


Vienna aint ready for the secret I put in her gear. (Its a magic bomb)

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not urabe noo :sob:

bro why did you give her curves it’s only a matter of time before we all drown in the simps :sob:

Vienna getting ready to vomit on some enemies.

She adorable.


if she wears gloves doesnt that mean she cant shoot acid through her hand since that would melt them

She may be sick and clumsy as fuck but she still tries her best :pensive:

nuh-uh. magic circle.

i was referring to this

i read it as Vienna giving up for whatever reason for a sec

never gonna give you up

when your homie lookin a little too fine in his story:

spunk cott!! put yo damn britches on !! what are you doing!!!


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