Visan / Charon Berserker PvP

Just a thread I’ll be using as a dump.

(Above: FYI he’s new to the game, just a cool clip)


ngl maybe I should make a warrior build

seems like a lot of fun

one issue tho is a lot of weapons have a leveling cap

(does anyone have tips for overcoming this issue)

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Just use the rare/uncommons, them maxed out with strong is peak

Old Katana maxed with strong is practically commodore kai

isn’t it so weird how the old katana is better than the normal one :skull:

Lmao, old makes way for the new

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wait are you using warrior build or warlord (stupid question but some of these look thermo infused)

Full warrior my boy

huh okay well it looks fun

(and for some reason makes magic look poo poo lol)

(now I’m wondering if I should drop mage for this)

your really good at PVP, think you can practice with me?

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Thanks gang but all I do to practice is just RK, it’s unpredictable and you gain more experience that way

I see. But I got better at PVP in WOM by 1v1 ing people that are very strong, or eons better than me. I practiced with Xevenant, a ton of Acquire members that I can’t even count, I fought Talos once, some Equinox members, and eventually I got good enough to beat Xevenant(one time :sob:)

So that’s why I wanted to 1v1 you in specific

Warrior looks op fr

You want to see OP? Size? and I got more clips of aids shit like that…

Why not, we can 1v1

Join NannoProdigy
I’m headed to the arena now.


alright im coming

party me