Vs Battle

Arcane universe vs JoJoverse who would win (No GER and no MIH universe reset, acceleration is allowed tho) Only canon stands and confirmed canon Arcane characters

Round 1: No evolved stands/ stands with dead users/pillarmen and no curse users/gods

Round 2: Evolved stands allowed, curse users allowed

Round 3: Anything goes

Evolution includes requiem, actual evolving acts, bites the dust, heaven, etc.

ger should be allowed since theres fucking peacekeeper on arcane side

GER would be an instant win and that’s boring to discuss

i dont have too much experience with arcane lore and i not watched jojo
but provably theos would destroy everthing on first round :man_shrugging:

Theos would wipe the floor with people’s bodies in the first round, Durza would absolutely destroy everyone in round two, and Prometheus would actually destroy the world

universe reset
everyone up to part 7 is dead
also, what is durza gonna do if someone stops time?
is there a time curse?
he’s gonna get his shit punched in

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It only reset dead people, the universe’s history changed but everyone who was alive when the universe reset maintained their identity other than people directly effected by someone’s identity change

Rohan was still doing his manga because the nonexistence of people like Jotaro never truly affected his manga creating life for example.

I think time stop stands and shit would dominate, also a stand like cream literally can not die if they just stayed in their ball.

Until Gold Experience plants a tree and then stands like cream still dominate with literal intangibility

There’s a shit ton of literal unkillable godlike stands at this point so I was more wondering the outcomes of 2-3 since they can’t even touch stands


You’re all thinking too small.

Funny instant win.

What about Torren?

If we allow Chaos, then we’d have to allow GER to erase causality or MIH to just reset the Universe

So no chaos or creation

no explanation

Arcane Universe is a lot of “big damage = win” while JoJo’s has a power system more focused on strategy and outsmarting your opponent. There are also some, believe it or not, bizarre abilities in JoJo’s.

For example, you did not exclude Wonder of U. Wonder of U is a powerful stand and likely second only to GER. It causes anyone who seeks the user to suffer misfortune. This misfortune also negates durability since someone (I believe Josuke) had rain piece his body like it was nothing.

Bohemian Rhapsody is another interesting stand since it allows the user to summon fictional characters. They can bring fucking Thanos or Hulk onto the field and that is just the start of what they can do. I do believe it has a weakness if someone recognizes the fictional character but no way they should recognize them since they are from a separate universe.

Those are really two stands that come to mind but. Some other ones are: Cream, can just destroy anything. Green Baby’s stand, I forgot what it was but it’s like Green Day’s Green Grass or something, it shrinks stuff approaching it (or only people idk) with no limit. Closer you get, smaller you get, till you are nothing. Weather Report cause it is OP and my favorite stand.

That shit’s like bites the dust, if you don’t intend to pursue it, nothing will happen and calamity can be cancelled by just killing the user, automatic stands that are literally immortal like notorious B.I.G/Anubis or stands like love train do it better.

User doesn’t have a choice on what it summons tho

Much stronger stands include Killer Queen since people tend to forget you literally can not avoid bites the dust unless you make Kira call it off because he needs another bomb.

Also Ultimate Kars would probably get a stand stronger than GER naturally or some shit if he recognizes what a stand is.

I mean

Arcane Universe is overall stronger
However even without GER and MiH there still are some really busted abilities like D4C’s Love Train or C-Moon.

Good luck punching a spirit

Stands literally are spirits… and have been shown to work on spirits

Do they work on pure elements?

Durza is not a pure element…

If you mean curse users, by that time there are stands that can erase you from existence