Warlock - Everything YOU need to know (full version this time because no one else will do it)

-this guide is completely speculative and am just really bored because its 1 am and I can’t sleep because of poor life decisions
-this guide sucks ass

How to become a Warlock

The main way to become a Warlock is to spend 40% or more of your stats on magic and strength, which leaves a lot of room for unbased and unredpilled metamancers to ruin the game for you, now for pure warlocks there will be some variety for the magic to strength ratios, there are 50-50, 60-40, 40-60 and finally the dreaded 40- 50/50-40 where these dirty mold munching min maxers puts 10% of their points into vitality so they can become gaian oni from rogue lineage, most warlocks will just opt for 60-40 (magic 60% strength 40%) because magic is very cool and very funny, the remainder of warlocks will be divided into two types, the min maxers and the strength gigachads, the min maxers are gross :nauseated_face: yucky, they want to make a actual balanced build with good hp and dps?? absolutely unheard of!!, real men go for high dps and only high dps, who cares if you have hp equal or less then a half sheet of toilet paper soaked in warm water, this leads to the next type, the giga chad, these people clearly wanted to go berserker but then decided “nah, I want to fist other MEN with explosive fists” which is why they went warlock because they probably have something like metal or explosion for maximum drip and flavoring for their character, these people are the most based of all warlocks, like real men they only have one goal, to fist other men with arcane abilities (women don’t play this game obviously (they don’t exist lol)) and that is a goal I whole heartedly stand , the clicked on a game with arcane in its title to obviously use magic, and they did it in the most based and red pilled way possible

Warlock Overview

a bit a speculation here but, the Warlock class should work similar to the Berserker class, which it obviously won’t, Warlocks have dmg added on to them with their magic infused fighting styles, which means if you have for example Iron leg, the dmg would be Iron leg dmg calculation + magic properties + magic derived status effects + dmg derived from magic + (maybe) DoT dmg carried over, if it procs on every single m1 then you would do a shit ton of dmg, suddenly turning into Avalon from BM2, also from the current leaks with fighting styles (that one move that was leaked on twitter, arm of the meteor), there seems to be moves that hold your enemies in place, kind of like a pseudo cut scene attack similar to SP2 and SP8 of Avalon from BM2,
So what can we conclude from this?
Warlock will be a high dps build akin to faceless one where most the dmg while be derived from complex combos synergizing magic and fighting styles, in theory this should be the glass cannon of AO

Benefits of being a Warlock

The main benefit of being a Warlock is the combos you can pull off without sacrificing dmg, unlike savant which I speculate has different dmg calculations for each moveset they have under their belt, warlocks have their abilities combined with each other, the thing is, unlike the mages (the nerds :nerd_face: ) warlock won’t have to charge mana up to use their only source of dmg, instead warlocks have to special ability that the gigachad berserkers use, the ability walk up to someone menacingly while pretending to be jotaro from jojo and then punching the shit out of some poor guy who got too close, since fighting styles are dependent on stamina it would be very interesting to see the synergies possible (or not if warlock moves become like all mana and stamina reliant, which if that is the case then am gonna be really mad, I already have my foam noodles prepared and am not scared to use them)
Another strength Warlocks posses is the ability to use magic (I literally sound so stupid), magics unlike fighting styles can do things fighting styles can’t although very few because strength is based and red pilled, magic users theoretically should get the ability to use lost spells and lost/ancient magics at high levels, this would mean you could have a warlock with 1 magic and two fighting styles, then just make that one magic filled with lost spells that would aid you in the form of utility while styles help you with dps, the magic would still add more dmg to your magic infused attacks as it can be counted as a flat dmg buff if you count DoT in one singular unit


Warlock is extremely based and extremely red pilled, by far the most based magic user class
this entire guide is just a unfunny way to say “warlocks winning”

Basically become one of us Warlocks if you are based and/or love fisting men but with extra steps and flavor because Berserker wasn’t enough


Warlocks winning :sunglasses:


Ong :sunglasses: :muscle:

Common warlock W

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damn brah you got me kinda wanting to go warlock instead of mage

Yes ! Warlock better ! Join the Warlock gang !

since like it’d be cool to have some badass fighting style but it depends on how many magics i’m able to have at once, including like lost magics and stuff like that, a fighting style with two lost magics would be fucking awesome lmao.

My guide better tho ngl

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40 magic/60 strength warlock >>> all

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completely factual ngl

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Fun Fact

I exist.

Warlocks winning.


doesn’t 60% of a stat classify you as a full build?

Yes. However, to be a “pure” warlock, you gotta be 100% either magic and strength, and have the to stats balanced enough to be a warlock.

Theos was clearly a warlock (he used shot skill)

you said nothing but facts my guy. Warlock UP