Warlock - Everything YOU need to know (full version this time because no one else will do it)

Warlocks are just mages who decided to exercise and take martial arts classes, and are thus, the superior beings.

As a explosion warlock user that creates craters by clicking my mouse, I believe berserker players are way more based

cant spell warlock without w

the necrobump is real(again)



what fool necrobumped this

Im going to make a 4 year necro to spite all of you

If you do not necro bump this post on April 4th, 2028 I will raise Hell.

When I played the game for the first time, one day after it’s release, I chose explosion.

Then, after I learned more about the stat builds, I wanted to become a warlock.

Iron leg was interesting to me so I started using it, and it turned out to be crazy good with explosion

So yeah, warlock gang.